Wearing: T Shirt Maxi (cut down to a midi): Gap Sneakers: Superga Hoodie: Adrian's

I am feeling very 90's grunge chic today. I didn't look this simplistic in the 90's sadly, it was my era of errors of fashion judgement including green chenille, joe bloggs and dodgy denim platforms. I am glad those particular remnants of my fashion past have decided to stay there, but, oh hai cherry picked best of the 90's; grey marl nightie-style dresses and cute daps are a yes, yes, yes. I made it yet more grungeaholic with Adrian's hoodie which I nicked but will return because as it's payday I bought my own! Toppers mind, I wanted an American Apparel one but can't stomach the 40 quid price point. I know, it's not really that much, but the one I got was half the price and just as nice. WIN!
What else have I bought? Well my payday haul absolutely includes the hoodie, a pair of black skinny work jeans, and a burgundy nail polish. And that's all my May spending! Well, there's nothing else I really need at the moment, sometimes it's nice to only buy what you need; I got a lil bit of the old "sale blindness" over the high street last week, when I popped out and ended up trying loads of things on in a few different places, before deciding I actually didn't need any of the things I'd tried on, and so didn't buy any. And you know what, it was quite liberating!
What will you be buying this payday? Wellies I imagine haha :D (I need some!)
XO Amie
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Unknown said...

You always look so beautiful! I actually want to become your ''fri-enemy'' and steal all your clothes! xx

Stephanie said...

I love this dress, it looks so comfy! xx

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