Wearing: Gap jeans and top, vintage cardi (top pic) and Primark cardi (all others) vintage leather backpack and pumps.

I couldn't decide which cardigan to wear today but ultimately decided with these super tight jeans that longer might be better. These are the jeans I bought yesterday and omg they are so tight. I thought they might give a bit through the day but they didn't! argh! So apologies for these pics haha. I wanted to show you my newest vintage acquisitions too, the cute pumps and the cream cardigan which is similar to one I already have but shorter in the body. I think to be fair this one will look better with dresses which is kind of what I bought it for, when I wear tight things on the bottom half I tend to like to cover up my legs because they're not my favourite bit! But I think with the longer cardigan these jeans look ok!
I also did my hair for a change! It's a bun ring which makes it look so neat! I could never do a bun without one of those!
XO Amie
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