Blue Jean

Gah, I managed to dash outside amidst a break in the clouds earlier to snap these pics but no joke, it must have literally rained all day, how lame! The only good thing is that our garden is getting a bit of water, but it's April and I want to wear summer clothes! And I keep having to reach for my chunky knits, I'm cold all the time!
This is the 3rd of my 3 pairs of jeans, I wear my Freego ones the most, followed by the ASOS White lable ones, and then these jegging things that I thrifted. I don't know if I like them or not; Adrian said they looked nice but they've done that thing of going all saggy, I can literally only wear them once before I have to wash them again to get their shape back. So I'm not sure how much longer I will be putting up with that. I really want to get the "Jamie" jeans from Topshop because the shape is very similar to my Freego pair which I love; Toppers have gone into sale but the only pair of that style in my local branch were a caramel colour which did nowt for my legs. So I will be looking elsewhere!
My boots are Pied a Terre which I have had for a while but haven't worn for ages, they're super comfy but surprise surprise, I had to wear them with little socks today because I'm freezing. Can't wait to wear them with bare legs in summer! I am also wearing a Primark shirt that I hacked the sleeves off and Primark socks (the best place for cheapo frilly ankle socks in my opinion!)
Hope you've had a lovely day, whatever you've been up to :D
XO Amie
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Rebecca said...

Lovely outfit, those jeans are great! It's about time I went on a hunt for the right pair x

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