The post title is not a reference to my outfit! But I've heard leather jackets referred to before as "Perfecto's" so since I have a new one (I know, the search is over!) I thought it seemed appropriate. Yes, I have been on the hunt for a leather jacket for aeons and last week I found this lovely one by Kate Moss for Topshop. It's a couple of seasons old now but what attracted me to it was the simple shape and the whipstitched detail that sets it apart from most others I've seen. I also like that it has a mandarin collar, and isn't a bomber style which was a style I've had before; they always look amazing to begin with but as time goes on the stretchy material at the back always bobbles and doesn't age as well as the leather on the jacket does. So I was keen to try a different style and I really like this one, get used to seeing it because I think it's going to be a new staple!
My style is really evolving at the moment which always seems to happen with the cross over of seasons. I feel I dress (usually) quite smartly and whilst I love to look polished I am really embracing a more surf inspired, laid back, beachy vibe. Maybe I'm going back to my roots a bit but for some reason of late I am loving skinny jeans, rolled at the ankle, a cute little moccasin or boat shoe (or even, shock! trainer!) with a slouchy blouse or breton tee. It's an easy way of dressing which is certainly different to my usual polished style but I am embracing it and loving it. Hope you like it too! 
Here I am wearing ASOS White Lable high waisted skinnies, with a H&M dip back blouse that I bought on the Champs Elysee in Paris in November 2010. I adore it apart from IT CRUMPLES LIKE NO ONE'S BUISNESS so I always look a little rumpled in it despite ironing it before wearing! The jacket is Kate Moss for Topshop, the Moc's are Primak and the skull chain is Sakdidet Road. Nail polish (if you're interested!) is good old Bazza M. If you follow me on Twitter, you might've seen that I've subscribed to GlossyBox. Basically for those who are uninitiated, it's a subscription service providing you with 5 luxury beauty product samples each month for a set fee. I've been thinking of signing up for months and the Harrods Edition GlossyBox (this month) swayed me so I'll definitely share it with you when it comes, don't worry mind, I'm NOT a beauty blogger nor planning to become one, I'm pretty useless with makeup and I NEVER buy makeup (seriously, apart from my foundation which I buy twice a year, and a monthly cheapo eye felt tip to draw my flicks on with) which is why I think it will be good for me, to try out products I wouldn't normally even hear about let alone buy. I can cancel at any time too so if I think it's not for me, it's no biggie.
Anyway, over to the blogger's weather review: more sunshine please! I was spoilt on Sunday out in my garden, it was blissful...ever since it's all been a bit misty and overcast!
XO Amie
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samecookiesdifferent said...

your style is really amazing and you are such a cutie <3
X the cookies

Lara Inez said...

I cannot find a decent leather jacket anywhere. This one is gorgeous!

Princess and the pea x said...

Love your leather hun, I found my leather partner in crime about 4 years ago in Primark it was £25 real leather I love it and people always ask where I got it. Glad you found yours. I am now pining over the studded white leather in Zara but sadly and gladly for the purse strings it has sold out.

Loving your style hun beautiful, your is is looking v gorgeous too xoxo

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