Bristol Fashion Week: What I Wore

Photo Credit: Charlotte Stone

Howdy all, here is the outfit I wore to fashion week. I misjudged the weather a little as I ended up wearing tights and man I was boiling. But luckily my dress was strappy so with my leather jacket chucked over I wasn't too melting. 
I love this picture because it's so me. I'll never be a blogger who has every hair in place, manages to make a "serious" face for the camera or pull out a decent pose, but I was having loads of fun and I think it shows. I met some amazing girls who have incredible style and who were totally inspiring to chat to and get styling tips from, whenever they were complimentary about any part of my look or my style it was so encouraging and quite frankly overwhelming. I loved every minute!
Another aspect of this photo that is totes me is my bloody bag! I always have a huge bag with stuff rammed into it, as you can see here, there's no exception for fashion week, I actually chose this bag to carry because it's quite a statement accessory and I thought my outfit was quite simple so this jazzes it up a bit. But wait! It was a right pain in the butt to drag around, it weighs a ton and god knows what I'd filled it with but as you can clearly see I couldn't even get it to shut! Ah well...thats so me, I live like this everyday so I'm not even going to change for fashion week!
Hope you like my outfit. I deliberated for ages what to choose, I didn't want to wear trousers really so out came blimming Club Midi and off I went. The midi dress is a Primark number you'll have seen before; the jacket is the one I can barely take off atm, so fashion week was no exception, the booties were a French Connection bargain (and killed me despite their inoffensive height-must be too used to wearing flats!) the bag is Angel Jackson (via a charity shop) and the belt is vintage. I also wore my Sakdidet Road skull necklace which seems to have been lost under my jacket somewhere!
Hope you like! 
XO Amie
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Princess and the pea x said...

Bloody fantabulous, amazing, gorgeous, super smashing great.

Paint it Black said...

sounds like you had so much fun and I totally love your outfit everything is perfect and the bag is amazing you look fabulous xoxo

Unknown said...

hey! i didnt get a chance to speak to you at BFW but you looked really good! i was contemplating taking a huge bag but decided againsnt, but then..mine was too small! i had such a fun time too! hopefully there will be more! x

daisychain said...

pretty sure you were my number one best dressed blogger!

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit, and you look so relaxed and happy x

Maria- CityLaundry said...

you look so great! i love the skirt!

Unknown said...

so wonderful outfit:) love your skirt so much!
please visit me in free time:)

Anonymous said...

fabulous outfit!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful outfit! - Your sense of style is second to none. X

chloe said...

you're in bristol!? i never realized :) i went to uwe and have fond memories of bristol - plus i watch skins and always smile when i see familiar landmarks, hehe.
i didn't know they had fashion weeks, i love your outfit - the bag is amazing, the way you described it makes it sound a bit like mary poppins' bag! x

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