Furry Friend: H&M
Jumper: Gant (vintage)
Jeans: Whistles
Belt: Dior (vintage)
Jacket: River Island (ancient)
Boots: Clarks

I had the day off today so it was the perfect chance to road test these beautiful red Whistles jeans I bought the other week. They are perfect, so comfy and I feel really festive in them! They're also rolled at the ankle so they are the perfect length on me (darn my short legs!) I wore them with these lush Clarks boots which I am sure you are bored stiff of seeing but I heart them so they stay! This look was inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Giselle of Style of a Fashionista who often wears coloured skinny jeans and looks freakin awesome in them. I hope I do them justice and I can't believe I am out of black trousers, whoopee!
Today Adrian and I both had the day off so we took advantage of it by continuing our clearout and then hulking the whole lot up to our local chazzer. We were rewarded as Age scooped 3 records for a paltry £1.50 whilst I nabbed a current season Reiss top for a fiver. Instant karma! I dug out this vintage Dior belt which was my granny's, I was looking for my studded one which I've since found but I think the tan looks nice against the red, I didn't want to wear too much black since I think black and colour can look quite eighties! So I think the addition of the tan and tawny shades with the fur and leopard print mute it down quite nicely.
I'm off to watch X Factor and I'm a Celeb..I think I want Mark to win!! Plus chill with my new copy of Elle. A Saturday night in is a real treat! Enjoy your weekend lovelies!
XO Amie
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Princess and the pea x said...

Love the red jeans on you hun, you rock them to the max! Fab outfit one of my favs xx

I love Giselle too her blog is fab xx

Have a great weekend poppet mwah xoxo

Me and Moustaches said...

Sounds like your having such a lovely night in :) I want Mark to win too, I like Dougie but I think Mark has proven to be not what we all expected :) But I don't mind if Dougie wins :) Love this outfit, I wish I had shorter legs, and the tan belt goes lovely with the jeans!

Princess and the pea x said...

Your so nice Amie thank you xoxo

I got my leather jacket in Primark 3 years ago can you believe it. It is fab quality and people always say they like it. It has worn really well too.

Thanks again and always for all the lovely comments you leave me xx

Celia said...

Gorgeous outfit, love the red jeans :) I think we have the same furry friend from H&M - best buy of the season!x

Joanna. said...

So incredibly jealous of your jeans. Look amazing.


Rianna said...

Loving these whistles pants, great colour. Whistles have a 20% off everything promo at the moment. Im very tempted to go a bit mental and have a whistling winter!!

Rianna xxxx

Eloise said...

This is such a gorgeous outfit, I saw so many brightly coloured items at the whistles press day and actually drooled over everything!


Paint it Black said...

love your outfi and the red jeans look gorgeous on you xoxo

Jewels For The Jewels said...

oh my gosh i aboslutely adore your outfit amie!! you look so gorgeous in your coloured skinnies, I hope to find me some soon! (well when i lose more weight that is! ;P)
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

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