All clothing: The Gap
Boots: Clarks
Brolly: Primark
Firstly I want to say 'Hi' to my new followers *waves* Thanks for coming, take a seat and I'll start divvying up the sweeties! Hope you enjoy! I am just 4 followers away from reaching 400, which is such an amazing achievement and I have you lot to thank! I'm really happy that you've chosen to follow my little 'ol blog and I hope you continue to enjoy reading it :D Right, Oscar style speech over; I apologise for lack of a post yesterday but I had one of those days in which, to paraphrase Carrie Bradshaw, 'the city kicked my ass.' True enough my city is not NYC, but it was a busy and stressful day, I was in bed by 9pm! I'm wearing the same trouser/boot combo as yesterday but have changed up the stripe factor for this loose and oversized sweater which I love. Plus an addition of the always useful furry friend makes this a different spin on the usual look. I am really after a furry collar, or indeed any type of collar to jazz up plain tees and sweaters...anyone got any ideas? Also...
Target coupon codes are always available for their variety of umbrellas.
XO Amie
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