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Bracelet: Kurt Geiger

So, I've had this Kurt Geiger for Elle giftcard burning a hole in my pocket for at least a month now, but being unable to use it on sale stock has left me a little flummoxed. I would love to buy a lush new pair of shoes but being as it's almost Christmas, my money is tied up elsewhere! So I thought I'd take a look at their new accessory line, which is considerably cheaper than a new pair of clodhoppers.
I was disappointed with the actual 'jewellery' line; there were reams of those coloured 'plug chain' style necklaces in my local branch, retailing at between £10-£15, which is ridiculous as I've seen almost identical ones in Topshop for about £4. The wallets, purses and gloves were all luxe but were priced to match, but then I stumbled upon a small selection of cuffs. They had some pretty metal ones priced at around £40 but I was really taken by this leather strapped cuff with a long green stone set into it. It cost £35 which is expensive but with my £25 voucher it only came to £10, which I think is a fair price!
I love it and I've not taken it off since I bought it! The only downer about the whole experience was that the sales girl left the security tag on it and I was setting alarms off everywhere! Bad times!
XO Amie
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Please may I? said...

Thats much more affordable!

X x

Kim said...

This is gorgeous! A great buy.

I hate it when you have a voucher for somewhere where you still have to put a lot of money towards the item. You did well finding this, so nice and reasonably priced with your voucher :) x

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