Jumper: Benetton (thrifted)
Skinnies: Whistles
Boots: Melissa

Where have I been? As well you might ask! I have bee so sporadic over on this blog of late! I desperately want to change the format a little and make each post better quality, maybe spend longer over the photos, editing them and waiting until I have something to say rather than being all, 'yoo hoo, here's what I wore today' but I feel as if I might need to establish myself a little more as a blogger before I do so. I mean, I am 3 followers away from 400 which for me is a huge deal, I love reading other people's blogs but converesly when I do (especially if they're popular) I always get the feeling like, what's the point!! Every other blogger is soooo much better at this than me, the photos look like they come from magazine spreads, the clothing is all so on trend, the layout is super cute and chic, and check back to me, splashing about in my wellies. Sigh. I'm not jealous of other blog's successes, at all, I feel like the girls and boys that are super successful with their blogs are a source of inspiration to me. But sometimes I feel, oh, I wish I'd thought of that/worn that/tried that and so on. So back to my point, I'd love to make my blog maybe a more weekly thing, which would mean I could spend more time crafting each post, but I would worry that I would lose followers, because as I know as a reader of blogs, it's boring to only see one or two posts a week, it's nice to have something to look at daily. So unless I become very established (which I have already resigned to not happen!) I don't think I could take my blog forward this way. No matter! I suppose I'll just keep on keeping on!
The point of this post was to show you these scrummalicious welly booties from Melissa. I longed for the Viv Westwood for Melissa version but alas, the budget didn't stretch so these ones will have to suffice. I know Hunter wellies are the coolest kind to own but I like the fact that these are ankle length and have a bow. Small things :D They also smell of bubblegum which is, quite frankly, bizarre but also quite nice!
Right, I am off to catch up on a week's worth of blog reading. Have an amazing weekend!
XO Amie
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Carrie said...

extremely cute boots! looooove it.

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Ellie M said...

Cute outfit x

Paint it Black said...

Hun I feel like this all the time I know you say you want better posts what you do is fab if you feel you have to post once a week that is up to you but seriously you should be proud of your blog and you pics are always amazing and creative.

Anyways loving those boots xoxo

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