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I don't like being a hopeless cook; it does tend to mean that I rely on the same old meals day in, day out (and poor Adrian has to put up with it!) He is a better cook than me and I am keen to try and become better, make yummier things to eat and keep in our larder because there's nothing more satisfying than looking at a delicious meal you've created. Plus it's often cheaper than buying ready made, so we will also be saving money.
I have made a couple of bits and bobs but today I tried making cupcakes. They are little sponge ones with strawberry icing which are really delish and actually turned out quite well. I am hoping to next tackle a victoria sponge cake as I think I've got the general idea of how to make a basic sponge (I hope!) 
One thing I have realised is that I am not equipped for baking at ALL. I have one cake tin, one flimsy mixing bowl, a whisk and thats about it. I have 3 cookbooks, one of which is Adrians and one of which was given to me by a lovely friend the other week-we were both obsessed with the Great British Bake Off and so darling Vic gave me the book f the series to help inspire me. She is my bakery oracle-the other day she whipped up profiteroles (from scratch!) such are her talents!
For now, my super simple cupcakes are an achievement! Go me!
Do you like baking? What's the best thing you've ever made? And would you like to recipe-share!
XO Amie
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Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for your comment :)
You have a LOVELY blog how have I only just found it?? Officially following :)

I have that Goodhomes 101 bake book at home! Haven't baked in ages but those cupcakes look scrummy and now I want to bake!!

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Celia said...

Ooh they look lovely - you sound a lot like me, I've got almost no baking stuff! I recently got into making muffins though and bought some silicone cases, best purchase ever :)

Kim said...

They look so sweet :) mm strawberry icing sounds so good too! Practice makes perfect, I'm not a very good cook either but I'm sure we can both get there! xx

Vix said...

Gorgeous pictures, Amie!
I trained as a chef and got a distinction in Pastry Cooking and Patisserie yet I rarely bake as I haven't got a sweet tooth. x

daniela kate morosini said...

GBBO is my life! i made chocolate cherry brownies today :) xoxo

Vanessa Mercado said...

wow!! i admire you for your perseverance to be the best cook... love your pictures...enjoyed your blog.. following you now...hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!


Anonymous said...

They look amazing, I wouldn't worry about not being a good cook if you can make them! I love to cook things from scratch, it is cheaper than buying things ready made and they always taste better (that might because you've worked hard to make it haha) x

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