Shoes: Vintage Roland Cartier
Trousers: Topshop
Vest: Banana Republic

This top was one of the first ever DIY's I did (or was brave enough to try!) I didn't do much to it, just chopped about a foot off the length and didn't hem it, but I like the raw edge against the slicker silk. I bought these vintage Roland Cartier heels from a jumble sale and at just £1.50 they fulfilled nicely my desire for a pointed court. I had to do a little DIY on these myself, someone (surely not the designer!) had sewn a hideous diamonte stripe across the back of the bows on the heels. Out came the scissors and off it came-it made them look waaaaay too bad-taste 80's-esque than the classic and chic fabulousness they really are.
Speaking of 80's, tomorrow, in 1983, I was born! ha! I am going to be celebrating my 28th year by doing hanging out with my best friend (lovely Adrian) and getting taken out for dinner yum yum :) I can't wait.
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