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Much as I hate to think of the winter months ahead, the advent of the beginning of September heralds two things: My birthday (Saturday!) and usually, the end of summertime. The schools go back, the evenings get chillier and I start to seriously think about putting my tights back on-that is, if I've ever got my bare legs out much in the first place. Anyway, as I started to think about my Autumn wardrobe I considered the fact that I didn't own any welly boots, which, if I lived in a country where we could accurately predict that there'd be a minimal chance of rain throughout the year, wouldn't be an issue, however,we don't, and since the pair I did have unhappily split in the sole (probably after being frozen in the cold snap of AW10!) I am definitely in the market for a new pair.
And what a choice there is! Green gumboots, begone-I've got something much more stylish on my mind. Classic shades from heritage brand Aigle clash with the spaceman vibe of the silver Hunters; also a classic English brand but one which isn't afraid to embrace modernity with this funky metallic pair. 
For the more adventurous among us, the Colors of California leopard print pair unleashes the inner animal. They're both beautiful and functional, and will protect your tootsies from the elements whilst looking fab. 
My personal favourite pair are these stunning riding style boots from BeOnly. They look, to all intents, like a glossy leather knee high stompers, but in actual fact they're also waterproof and will add a preppy and classic edge to any look. Practical and pretty-my favourite combination!
All boots are available from Spartoo.
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christinecocochanel said...

Can never go wrong with a pair of Hunter boots! Great investment they are (:



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