Return of the Mac

Mac: Sainsburys
Jumper: Quiksilver
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: ASOS
Belt: Angel Jackson

A lot of the elements of this outfit are a re-use from the other day because I can only bring a limited supply of clothing with me on holiday. I packed in a bit of a rush (never a wise idea) and forgot to bring a scarf, which is normally the first thing I put in my case whenever I go away-they have so many uses it's unreal and I always feel a little naked without one, not to mention cold. No matter, I found one in a charity shop for £2 which I would have bought anyway, but I was still annoyed with myself for forgetting it!
My days home seem to be going past quickly in some ways; I've managed to catch up with a few friends which has been lovely but it's always hard fitting everyone in. On the other hand the days are dragging because I'm missing Adrian a lot, he's still busily touring away and I'm looking forward to seeing him again at the beginning of next week. I'm carless when I am home; if Adrian and I come down together we get insured to drive my mums car but since it's only me, for a few days, we didn't bother this time. So I am spending time at home with the family which I love because I do miss them so much! And enjoying the countryside of the deepest parts of glorious Devon. It hasn't actually rained today which has been a real breakthrough, it's been drizzly and a little bit damp most days (including yesterday as you can see from the pics!)
With the imminent arrival of October comes the change over in terms of wardrobe. Away go the thin jersey trousers and skirts, short sleeved tees and tops, and linen blazers. Out come the knits, shearling jackets, woolen pants and skirts, and the odd pair of jeans. While the weather is still in-between (i.e, not yet freezing) the shearling coat will have to wait it's turn as I am coveting this older-than-water Sainsbury's mac. I bought it (probably with the use of some Nectar points) years ago for around £15; it's a classic shape and though the lable is less than cool I am yet to find a nicer one (apart from a Burberry one I liked but couldn't afford.) It's looking a little wilted (as cream mac's tend to do) after a good couple of years of wear but I think its still got an autumn left in it. I hope so, at least!
To add a pop of colour to the mix, my lovely Quiksilver Women's jumper is being aired in all its neon yellow glory. Luckily it's just mustard enough in shade to avoid making me look jaundiced, the official name for the shade, according to the Quiksilver marketing book is 'Curry Powder' which is a pretty accurate description I'd say! It's full of detail-cable knit down the front, buttons all down one side; hope you can sort of get the idea!
It was with glee that I rediscovered my fave leopard print brolly-left at my mums from the last visit. Yay!
XO Amie
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Lyndsey said...

love this outfit on you ms amie! you look absolutely stunning :) and i love your cute little umbrella!

lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Yuliya said...

Looking beautiful darling =)

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