Cardigan: Vintage, Thrifted
Top: Cos
Trousers: Vintage, Thrifted
Belt: Angel Jackson
Shoes: ASOS
Jewellery: Vintage, ASOS White, House of Harlow

I always do this thing where I'll find a style of something I really like, and then buy it in bulk. Happily at the moment this binge is concentrated on the ubiquitous 'granny trouser' which I blogged about here-the style that gives you stumpy legs and the world's biggest bum but which I can't help but love. Ever since finding one pair and wearing them to death, I keep stumbling over them in every charity shop I visit, and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to leave them behind. Honestly, they're SO common, I reckon any charity shop you care to name will have a pair or two kicking about, so if you like the style, look out for them because I'm sure you'll be able to find some.
After the tweedy grey pair I discovered last week, I remembered I had this pair which are a lighter grey and a thinner fabric-snaffled from one of Devon's finest chazzers for £1. A visit back yesterday (I'm visiting my fam for a few days whilst Adrian is away with his band, touring the UK) didn't throw up much by way of clothing-though I did find two Thelwell-illustrated James Herriot books (my bookish pleasure) for a total of 60p so it wasn't a wasted trip.
On wandering round the town I decided to visit a charity shop I don't normally, as I've never found anything of note inside. Well, I don't know what made me pay a visit yesterday but a quick rummage turned out an almost brand new, sleeveless See by Chloe knitted cardigan and a rather fantastic black and brown printed vintage scarf-a proper HUGE one as well-for the grand total of £6.50. A quick slip round the rest of the shops in town (believe me, there are LOADS and always worth a trawl) saw me discover another couple of books, a high waisted, polka dotted, vintage pleated skirt (£1) and another pair of granny trousers-in black this time, by Episode, almost brand new with a high sitting, tux style waistband and skinny leg-£2. The joys of charity shopping will honestly never leave me, and it was a really good day out in all. I also managed to get my favourite leopard print Zara loafers re-heeled, which I wasn't sure would be possible, and my watch battery replaced (thanks to my dad!) The day was rounded off by a visit from two of my fave girlfriends, one of whom has a bun in the oven (!) so there were scan pictures to coo over and tea and cakes to be consumed. 
I'll try and share some haul pictures with you soon; using the old point'n'shoot as opposed to my Adrian's lovely fancy camera is a bit of a backwards step!
XO Amie
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Paint it Black said...

Hun the trousers look so good on you and if you find a style that suits you keep rocking it until you get fed of it. I love hearing about your charity shop hauls sounds like you had a good one xoxo

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