Granny Trousers...

Jacket: Quiksilver Womens
Top, Trousers, Belt: Vintage
Jewellery: ASOS White, House of Harlow, Vintage
Shoes: ASOS

It is a fact undeniable that the higher waisted the trouser, the more expanse of fabric there will be stretched over one's butt. And if said trousers are of the authentic, vintage granny style, there will be no carefully placed pockets to make that butt look any smaller. Yes, dear reader, I present to you my megabutt trousers. Be careful, people! Approach with caution! And do not look at the rear without first shielding your eyes, 'cause these trousers are un-flattering. But despite this I adore them so please, those of a nervous disposition, shield your eyes! Because I'm wearing them anyway!
Yes, the ubiquitous granny trouser; I found these in a charity shop nearby-can't think why-[er, because they're foul?!] for £4 and I actually tried them on in the shop, which is something I rarely do-only because I knew these trousers would be an instant 'rate or hate.' And if I ended up hating them, I'd rather save my £4 for other charity possibilities. But no-I loved them actually, despite what they do to my bottom. I love love looooove the highest of high waists, the slightly kicky cropped flared leg (one would think these are supposed to be full leg, but on me they hit the ankle in a flattering way that makes up for the horrible things they do to my bum). I love the puppytooth tweed, I love that they're sort of on trend, in a heritage/possible Chanel androgyny sort of way (perhaps I need to team them with an oversized blazer to really rock that look.) All in all-a good find. Plus I do love grey-in fact I love any colour at the moment, as long as it belongs to the neutral palette. The stripy blouse was another thrifted find and along with the double wrap leather belt, the whole look cost me £6.50. Which is a pretty good deal. I upped the ante slightly with these ASOS shoe boots that I wear a lot-they were a sale buy and a good one as they're also neutral-ly and go with everything. I'm hoping my run of charity shop luck continues as I've just found a Burberry top today in my local-£2. Happy with that!
I'm keen to know-what's been your best thrifted find?
XO Amie
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Please may I? said...

Great granny trousers! You pull them off very well.

X x

jennie said...

Ooh I love this outfit! xoxo

Vix said...

That's one pretty outfit, Amie! I love those trousers on you, but steer clear of those grannies or they'll be wanting their slacks back, hehe!
You wear them beautifully. x

Princess and the pea x said...

Hi hun, you do make me laugh. Fab post, these trousers look great on you. In love with your shoes xoxo

Luxx Mint said...

I think they look great on you - very stylish!

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