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Like most of the female population of the world, I was beyond excited about the release of Sex and the City 2. Obviously I was super interested in the fashion, but beyond that, I wasn't expecting to fall so head over heels in lust with a lot of the designer-decorated sets. I recently re-watched the movie, (Adrian bought it for me on DVD at Christmas, and was then forced to spend Christmas Day afternoon ensconsed in front of the TV watching it with me!) and it has re-ignited my love for interior design and has inspired me to start planning different ideas for our new home. We are hoping to move soon, and despite all the faff that moving house entails, you do get the thrill of a brand new blank canvas to work with; where will things go, what can we change, what will we bring to our new place.
If money were no object (and we actually owned our place-I'm not going to spend my money decorating the walls of a rental) I'd completely choose luxe, decadent wallpaper and gorgeous coloured and quirky pictures to hang in the living room and bedroom. I would like a feature wall where I'd use some really bonkers wallpaper-I've found the most wonderful pink flamingo illustrated rolls which I'd love-to give the room a real touch of interest, and then fit our belongings in around one focal zone. I don't think Adrian and I will ever be able to do minimalism-we have too much stuff-but looking at the cluttered delight of Big and Carries apartment leads me to believe that 'stuff' can a) be good and b) be stylish. I love the mis-match of different colours, textures, fabric and items, all pulled together with angular lines and pops of colour. I am head over heels for the gorgeous white bureau in the bedroom-on my hit list for the new place is my own desk-and the butterfly bell jar (just seen) on the hallway sideboard shares my love of nature with art in a sleeky juxtaposed way. The lighting, light fixtures, soft furnishings and curtains make a wonderful contradiction between masculine and feminine; it's all very Carrie, but there's definitely a man of the house in this apartment. This is, again, something I'd like to achieve; I know Adrian doesn't get that excited about cushions and the like so I'll often choose things but I always try to think whether he'd like them too, we're building a home-it's not just about me!
I've featured a couple of the rooms of our current flat here, here and here; I'll try and show you a couple more rooms soon! Do you like interior decor? I know Sex and the City obviously isn't to everyone's taste but I have to admit, despite it not actually being real, Carrie and Big have my perfect home!
XO Amie
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t said...

Great place!


Unknown said...

Yes that is quite amazing!

X Zoe X

fashionismyh2o said...

God what an amazing place! I literally looked at every photo like -wide eyed- thanks so much for posting that I'm probably going to bookmark this page next time I want inspiration (and then cry because I will in no way have the budget for this for a good few decades :p unless I win the lottery...hmmm)


Hailie said...

I love their apartment in SATC 2, I also have total home envy...Oh to be rich and live in NYC!

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