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I would have liked to write this under the actual Hypeed post but for some strange reason, it won't let me! Ah well-the reason behind me posting the pictures is that I have been featured in the Hypeed 'magazine' which is basically an online 'zine which members can upload their photo's to for consideration for inclusion in various themes. Other users then rate each look and the top rated looks are made part of the permanent theme for the magazine and can be looked at online by anyone. If you don't have a Hypeed account, I certainly recommend it; it's free, really fun and inspirational. I am a bit slow off the mark with mine sometimes but whenever I have a spare few minutes I'll pop over and have a look at the themes they've got going on.

In other news! I have the cleanest flat ever due to the miserable weather kicking in this afternoon (thankfully after I'd got back from my walk to the post office!) I thought I'd use the afternoon on my tod to really blitz our apartment, got the dusters out and everything, all that was missing was a nice little hanky to cover my hair. Cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom and tidied the tardis spare room too. Also did a load of washing, contemplated the ever-growing ironing pile but decided against it, caught up with my missed episode of my new TV addiction, The Great British Bake Off, and have decided that when I emerge from my financial cul-de-sac that I am going to buy equipment to bake and make lots of lovely cakes and tarts and things. Bear in mind this is a huge statement from someone who once used her oven as storage and can barely cook a thing-luckily Adrian knew this when we got together so he isn't expecting me to become a domestic goddess; cleaning I can do, and tidying and organising-I'm a Virgo, it's in the genes-but cookery; not so much. So we'll see how that turns out!

I was happy to find the most amazing ceramic minature daschund in a charity shop today for the grand sum of £2. He is now residing in all his splendour on my windowsill, I'll try and post a pic soon but for a low quality version head over to my Twitter to take a look. He joins the ranks of several other ceramic accoutrements that Adrian and I seem to be amassing, I can't help it, I love a bit of wierd quirk. Where do these things come from?! I bought a little white rabbit ornament in the very same chazzer the other week, to add to the collection of dogs, ponies, cats (in their multiples!) and birds that we already have, including a bird sculpture made by Adrians dad which he found, oddly enough, in a charity shop near us. Who'd have thunk it!?

I forgot to mention too a very cool present which Adrian suprised me with on the Sunday after my birthday. It is a-wait for it-hamburger phone. Yes, our landline telephone is now a big old beefburger; white plastic number, begone, you are to be replaced by a kitschy and too 80's for words version. The first few times I used it I had to laugh, I felt absolutely ridiculous but now I feel all Breakfast Club/Pretty in Pink/retro-esque like an 80's  fly girl chickette. I like this a LOT! I think that's what a home is-a place where you feel happy, and so you should be surrounded by things that make you feel so. Adrian and I discovered we shared a mutual love for the horrors of 80's decor early in our relationship so I like that we can bring an element of this to our home. The corkboard wallpaper can remain right where it is, however!

Speaking of homewares, we paid a visit on Sunday to our local Habitat store which was hosting its final day of trade,(sob!). I love Habitat and have bought things from there in the past, I'm not sure if you'll still be able to buy online but I hope so, as they really do have some lovely things. Since we are now carless anything big was out of the question, but there was hardly anything left anyway and the resplendent old building looked sad and empty-rather like the staff-having been made redundant twice before, I know it's a horrible time. To give them credit they all remained smiling and gave great service although I'm sure they actually felt like telling everyone to just bog off. It always astounds me the level of greed shown whenever there's a bargain to be had-there was pushing, grabbing and shoving and people were loading up with loot, which you have to wonder, did they really need!? I can't be hypocritical because we were in amongst it, though we weren't pushy-pushy, just keeping an eye out for a barg-we didn't buy loads, a) because there wasn't much left and b) because we didn't really need much of what little there was, and the benefit of shopping with Age is that he always, always asks, 'do we need it?!' which really makes me think twice. We managed to snag some new dinner plates, pasta dishes and side plates, and I found a lovely mirror shaped like a looking glass. The total bill came to £104, and then with our discount, £10.40-yes, 90% off. So I suppose I get why some people were going a little nuts. 

I have finally managed to sort most of my wardrobe out and it's looking a lot more streamlined now and cleaner. I have so much junk, I'll admit-and I can't get rid of any of my vintage, well, not yet anyway, as I know I can't replace it. Probably one day I might! As I never wear a lot of it, but I am really sentimental about it and the thought of never having it again freaks me out. I feel like I'm getting my mojo back for AW11, I find it a lot easier to dress for the winter despite all the layering involved! I am planning to wear (I always say this!) more dresses this winter, with tights and boots, since I have so many pairs!

Hope you're all having a lovely week! 
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