Before the sun goes down....

Vest: Cos
Belt: Vintage
Skirt: Vintage
Boots: Pied a Terre
Sunglasses: H&M

It was as if someone poked a stick into the dying embers of summer and it flared up for a final hurrah before autumn arrived with aplomb. These pics were taken on Friday which was the day before my birthday, I went into the city to meet Adrian on his lunch break and it was soooo hot! Typically by Saturday the heat had been replaced with a cool breeze and cloudy skies but it was lovely to make the most of the weather whilst we had it. 
After mentioning the other week my desire for a Whistles Carrie skirt, I had a rummage in the vault back of the wardrobe and found this vintage number which I'd forgotten I had (well, I knew it was in there but couldn't recall the exact length/fabric/colour. Anyway, it's a cute little dogtooth print with a high waist and it's a fairly heavy weight fabric so I am looking forward to wearing it with some chunky knits in the winter, for now, with a vest and boots it's perfectly transitional.
It was whilst I was waiting for Adrian to join me I had my picture taken for a Street blog project which was really cool, I always think it must be daunting to ask people to take their picture (and maybe also a little wierd!) so when I was asked I was happy to comply.
The belt is a little number I picked up in Devon on my holidays, I love the double strap feature and it was only £1 from one of my favourite charity shops, wins all round! The sunglasses have been a bit of a permanent fixture of my blog this summer so I hope you're not too sick of seeing them! It's a miracle they're not lost/wrecked/busted as I usually manage to ruin my sunglasses at least mid-way through summer but this pair have proved to have a little more longevity than usual!
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