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A classic black blazer is a piece that will never date and as such is something that I really should have in my wardrobe already. I have a grey jersey boyfriend one (heavy jersey, with a cerise lining) and a leopard print one (tight in the arms, no lining, worn so much the back hem is on it's way down). But a black one? Now that, I am lacking. And of course, if you want a true conception of Le Smoking at it's most perfect, to whom would you go BUT YSL. IF I had a spare £2790 kicking about (or maybe slightly less as the website is US so there would be a conversion saving) then this is the blazer I would pick. Expensive looking (because, well, it totes is) wool-crepe with the classic contrast lapels and pocket flaps, a little tux-y but quickly dressed down with a skinny pant or up over a little dress....am I selling it to you yet?! This is my dream blazer and a vision to behold. The likelihood of it actually gracing my back is, of course, minimal; a girl can but dream and have aspirations. Mind you, this is the style I shall have in mind when hunting out my perfect blazer which I hope to do this season; as I am sure I hope to do every season but never quite seem to manage it.
I've found a rather natty crepe, lapel-less version from The Gap and am severely tempted but am tightening the old belt as it were; I am truly skint at the moment and so all shopping is faux yet expectations for the AW wardrobe remain high. Since my spending overhaul I have, converesly, spent less; I am buying key pieces rather than spending willy-nilly and whilst I'm no snob, I've found I've rather sidestepped the high street so far this season. I am quite uninspired; everything in one shop is the same as everything in the other and I can't seem to actually spot anything I particularly want which is completely bonkers for me-I am that person who can't come home from a shopping trip empty handed. Or maybe I used to be that person because it seems the wardrobe is slimming (sorting it out has proved theraputic, [I am a sorter/list maker, and an afternoon spent undertaking these activities is my idea of a good time] cathartic [the deliciousness of parting with something that no longer fits/looks good/has ever been worn is rather surprising] and financially lucrative [sort of-thanks to eBay.] I finally feel as if I am re-discovering my style and for AW it has grown up. I'll still elbow a bit of fun in there too-I feel like my quirk just finds its way out all the time-but I definitely have a less skewed sense of direction, style wise, than before, which is definitely a good thing.
My AW purchases have so far amounted to the following: A leopard print scarf (groundbreaking!) and a faux fur stole which I shall be wearing with everything. Obviously a blazer is key, I'm rather smug about a navy vintage one I found in the local chazzer on my birthday; lable [still attatched] says: £79.95, chazzer price, £10. But blates, I still need a black one. So the search goes on!
What's on your AW11 shopping list?
Oh PS: Thankyou for all the lovely comments; I'm trying to get back to you all but this new blogger layout has me thrown for a loop!
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Vix said...

Happy birthday for last week, sweetie! What a chazza shop find on your special day, too.
I think quite a lot of us are becoming a little less frivolous with our shopping habits, I know I buy cheap second-hand stuff but I'm reigning it in a bit, too.
I think the rioting and subsequent looting has made us all think about Britain's rampant consumerism and desire for aquiring stuff. I hate to think that most Brits claim their favourite hobby is shopping. It's fun, yes, but very wrong. xxx

Bethen Reid said...

this is lovely! x

rebeccalucyh♥ said...

I have a black jersey blazer from Primark but it's too big and nothing compared to the YSL one! I'm definitely on the look out for a new one although I do like the sound of your leopard print one.xx

jessica said...

feel exactly the same about the highstreet this season, it's impossible! have to say though, h&m cover the blazer front pretty well :)
if you get a min, check out my blogsicle, fashionmeasmile.blogspot.com XX

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