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The lable Wildfox is well known in many a 'sleb circle; I've seen them on Jessie J and Chezza Cole to name but two of the shiny haired, chirpy popstrels who seem to favour the brand.
I like the premise; luxe, slouchy fitting tees, dresses and sweats decorated with Americana-inspired vintage looking logos and slogans, juxtaposed against poppy backgrounds and using foiled or fluro tones to call out their message. The new collection has several really rather lovely pieces in it; the 'No.9' tees that the brand became so well known for during earlier seasons is still resplendent in varying colourways, but I'd be wary of spending upwards of £60 on a T shirt which has been so blatently copied-I've seen lookalikes in many a high street store as the design has really become quite iconic.
I love the sloppy 'beach jumpers' and although logo's aren't my thing, I would wear these ones. Probably just around the house, or, indeed, at the beach-they look lightweight and soft enough to sling over a bikini. The dresses are equally lovely-long jersey maxi's with gorgeous sequin detailing touching towards the navajo trend that's set to run through autumn.
What do you make of Wildfox? You can shop the new collection online here.
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Temporary:Secretary said...

I'm going to check out their site out right now.
We blogged about a brand with a similar type of style (www.heroandcape.com). Thought you might like to have a look at them too. Thank you for recommending Wildfox x

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