Ruby Tuesday

I never do 'nail of the day' posts because I am really crap with my nails. I do always try to keep my polish looking nice but as I have a very 'hands on' job my nails are frequently ravaged. However when I recieved my Elle magazine through the post this month I was chuffed to find a red Malava polish inside. I love red on nails and lips only, I never wear red clothing (well, very rarely!) but a red nail just looks so glamarous and chic. I thought I'd share some snaps of the polish (goes on like a dream, so far, doesn't seem to be chipping...I'll keep you posted!) One of my work friends always has great nails and she uses a lot of these nail decal stickers, which look so good, I might have to have a go at them myself! Any recommendations? And also, can anyone recommend me a topcoat? Thanks!
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Michelle Loreto said...

I love your nails! The red is so classy. A timeless colour!

x Michelle |

mystyledefine said...

Barry M's top/base coat is good... and my friend swears by the nails inc top coat... bit more expensive but apparantly it keeps her nails chip free for a week ( she used to work in retail so very 'hands on' too!) LOVE the nails... I am always on the hunt for the perfect red polish! :o) x

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