Denim Jacket: Quiksilver Women
Dress: H&M
Satchel: Vintage Chanel
Hat: Gap
Jewellery: Vintage / ASOS White
Nail Decals: eBay
Finally, an outfit post! Sorry for the lack thereof up until now; I've been busy with work and my photog's been busy too. But we finally managed to snap some pics, despite the sun having almost gone down, I think it lends a really nice quality to the photo's. Plus Adrian is such a talented photographer which always helps! 
My purchase of the month has to be this Quiksilver Women's denim jacket, which I blogged about here. I love it; it's probably the nicest denim jacket I've ever seen, and believe me, I've seen and tried a few. This one fits perfectly. It has slightly rounded shoulders, a scooped back and the most perfect bracelet length sleeves. It's nice soft denim too and I can see myself wearing it ALL the time, at least until it gets too cold and I have to replace it with my ASOS White aviator.
Are you loving the action south of my ankles?! These gorgeous boots are by Pied a Terre, I blogged about them here but now you can see them in action. They are just the most perfect boots; it's funny, my blog post title doesn't mean my outfit is perfect (I can see a lot of things I'd like to change already!) but it's made up of a couple of perfect elements, the boots of course being one of those. They're the most amazing soft brushed suedey-leather, with a stacked cuban heel and an almond shaped toe-like a hybrid of the Isabel Marant Dicker boot and the Acne Pistol-they're just lovely. You can buy them yourself here. I don't often get excited about pieces for my wardrobe but the feeling of finding something you know you'll wear and wear is such a lovely one. I am looking at my wardrobe in a whole new way of late; the feeling of building up a compartmentalised go-to lookbook of my own, in which everything works, fits and looks fantastic, has proven a stimulant to clear out; I've found it very cathartic sifting through years of collected pieces. I used to be a terrible hoarder but as I've grown up (28 next month!) and really started to change the way I shop and think about fashion (it's my lifestyle, not a fast fix) I'm find it much easier to be ruthless with things I keep because I 'think I might wear them one day.' I've turned out so much-I'm going to have to get chummy with eBay and shift a lot of it! It's so much easier to see what I actually have, and more to the point, really need in my wardrobe. I am trying to start packing away some of my high summer pieces now and think about creating my transition and then fall looks, which means the knitwear will come out again-lets hope the moths have stayed away!
I am trying to remain in keeping with my French fashion obsession by looking after my skin and nails; I'm getting better at self-manicures and even attempted a reverse French of sorts the other day-pale pink polish with graphite tips. I was so chuffed when an American lady stopped me to ask what my manicure was called! I told her I wasn't sure but told her the colours I used, she said had I ever heard of a 'Russian Mani' which is apparently pale pink polish with red tips!? I'd never heard of this but it's interesting to find out new things! I bought these Chanel nail decals from eBay, they are black with tiny white polkadots on them which you can't really see in the picture, they've been flashed out! But they're ever so cute and easy to apply. My friend Bethen (who always has fabulous nails) introduced me to these water decals, you just wet them, peel them off the backing and stick them on your nails, a bit like the fake tattoos you'd get as a kid. Slick over some topcoat and done! These are on day 5 with no sign of chips, about which I'm well impressed! I've been using Barry M topcoat, it's cheap as chips but does the job brilliantly!
I glanced out of th window earlier and saw a young lady all dolled up for a night on the razz, and now from the flats opposite our block I can hear the laughter and shouting of a party of people, perhaps having pre-drinks prior to a big night out. 5 years ago I'd have joined them, but nowadays I am much more excited by the prospect of a ridiculous American film (there's one on 5USA right now-bliss!) good food and the perfect company -aka my wonderful chap. I'm such a lucky girl!
Have a fantastic weekend!
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Ellie M said...

Cute, love the boots x

Lyndsey said...

you look absolutely stunning!! i love ths outfit so very much. i wish i could find some ankle boots like yours without a heel! like boot flats? haha i should invent them!
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

LJ said...

I love the length of your jacket sleeves! My denim jacket sleeves are about two foot too long. Also, fab boot purchase, v jealous x
ps. new reader, really like your style :)

Cassidy said...

Cute! Denim jackets are one of my favorite pieces!

Anonymous said...

Loving your nails!!!

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