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Ahh, a day off! I have to apologise for being a little sporadic on the old outfit posts of late; what with work and the inclement weather we've been having they've rather hit the skids. No matter, I am back now but will be off again all of next week as I take a well deserved holiday! whoopee! Speaking of the weather, how nice has it been today?! Adrian sadly didn't have the day off but I went into the city and met him for lunch, we had a picnic in the park and sat in the sun for an hour which was lovely. I had a little wander around the shops and picked up a couple of bits for the house in Habitat, which is in a terrible state and really should just close its doors and be done. It's a shame to see once such a decadent and beautiful store vandalised with administrators 'Money off' signage. I saw some lovely chairs which I would have loved to pick up, but they were only offering collection from store and since I've no longer got a car, it would have been impossible-I think the bus driver would have had kittens if he'd seen me trying to board with a tub chair and a set of 4 diners. And obviously I'd be strong enough to carry them all to and from the stop, and then up the several flights of stairs to our flat-not! I ended up getting some little odds and ends that I could carry, inculding a rather darling little tea tray and coaster set, a new loo brush (oh, the joys!) and the most incredible daschund cushion which matches nothing in my living room but for £6 I was NOT leaving it behind!
Also-snippets from Jigsaw, who are quickly shedding their 'mumsy' image in my opinion...I want ALL of the AW collection, there are some amazing pieces on show.
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Vix said...

That cushion cover is a delight! It's so sad about Habitat, not that I've ever bought anything from their shops, but a ritish institution nevertheless.
Matching? Over-rated if you ask me! x

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