Putting the boot in...

It seems that every post I write at the moment begins with a moan at the weather. But seriously! It's mid August; I'm sitting in a blanket on my sofa with thick socks on my toes and I am totes looking forward to a hot bath in a minute! I have felt chilly all day, it seems like summer is well and truly over :(
With this in mind, I present to you my latest picks for autumal footwear! I hate to think about having to get boots out again, and I find, especially long boots, can be really hard to wear without those 'lady of the night' (if you get my drift) connotations! However, I'd happily give any of these styles a new home in my wardrobe. The brand I mentioned in my last shoe-obsessing post, Jonak, is throwing up more and more beautiful pieces and these wedged knee boots are no exception. Black is always a classic colour for a winter boot but I do love the taupe Vic Matie ones as well. Spartoo have plenty of styles that have differing heel heights, knee boots don't need to be impossible to walk in; a cute block heel gives a bit of elevation whilst retaining a high degree of comfort. Perfect.
All these styles are available from Spartoo.
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