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Now, I'm no beauty blogger, but I do like to try out new things now and again. And I know this is old news in the blogging world but I've recently discovered the concept of 'GlossyBox.' The premise of the concept is that you subscribe and for £10 per month, you are sent a box containing 5 high end samples of luxury beauty products. Now, GlossyBox made a rod for their own back with their first box, which (apparently) contained a full size bottle of NARS Orgasm Illuminator-worth at least double the cost of the GlossyBox monthly subscription in one hit. This was swiftly followed in the second box with a mini can of Batitste dry shampoo; a great product all in, but not one I would expect to recieve in a box of products classed as 'high end' or 'luxury.' And then all hell broke loose!
I took to Twitter to have a poke into the fallout over the second box and found many people were mentioning cancelling their subscriptions (I believe you can cancel at any time) and I must admit, I think I'd be disappointed in such a drop in the levels of product I would be expecting. I would buy Batiste as part of my usual beauty routine and possibly not buy a product like the NARS one so I wouldn't be that overwhelmed to recieve a can of dry shampoo in a beauty box.
I wondered myself whether to subscribe, as I do like to try new products, but probably wouldn't buy them that often. My beauty routine is fairly basic-I know what I like and I stick to it-so in that respect I wonder whether I'd get the use out of any of the products I was sent. On the flipside it would be a good opportunity for me to try things I wouldn't normally fork out for. Though I have spent £10 to get them, so it's not like a freebie. I've also learned that going forward, GlossyBox intend to charge a further £2.95 towards covering the postage of the box-so the monthly subscription will rise to £12.95.
Nothing like a bit of healthy competition to throw into the mix either-step forward, company-doing-the-same-thing-but-cheaper Boudoir Prive. This company only has a waiting list at present but I believe will be launching soon-I've signed up my email address out of interest and I'll see what they'll be offering. Beauty blogging jungle drums have gone into overdrive regarding this company, whom I believe will operate on a similar premise but offer 6 products for the £10 subscription fee-though whether I'll even be invited to subscribe remains to be seen. I can subscribe to GlossyBox today but due to demand I wouldn't receive a box until September, so I am definitely inclined to wait I think.
One of my favourite beauty blogs, Beauty Blogging Blonde, responded to my Twitter outcry for help deciding whether or not to subscribe to GlossyBox and pointed out that I would be spending nearly £150 a year on what are essentially sample products with the odd full size surprise thrown in. This actually made me completely reconsider doing anything-£150!? I probably wouldn't spend that in two years on my ACTUAL beauty routine-including cosmetics, bathroom products, et al. It does make me think where that money could be better spent; and whether this is just a very Glossy rip off.
At present, seeing as I am on a self imposed spending ban, I shan't be signing up to anything, rest assured. I really appreciate all your comments on the spending ban post, it's so interesting to hear of ways that money can be saved and it's actually quite satisfying now knowing I'm out of my overdrafet (allbeit breifly I imagine.) Next stop: I intend to clear my credit card(s) and thus my financial colonic irrigation shall be complete! I'm sure my bank is feeling MUCH healthier now!
On a much more important note: I can't believe I've blogged about this when there are much more important things going on in the world. Oslo, we love you-stay strong x
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Amanda said...

Brilliant post sweet. I think in the blogging (particularly beauty) world there is such emphasis on being up to the ultimate minute with products, who can find the quirkiest, most bizarre or newest or 'next cult thing' that GlossyBox will make a fortune in the blogging world.

Without wanting to sound arrogant in any way (and I really really don't!) I wont really notice £10 a month nipping out my account, but believe me - 5 years ago, afer just finishing uni, trying to clear debts etc & be much more careful, there's no way I could have afforded to be a part of it & the thought of spending that much in a year on stuff I might not even use would make me gall.

I think you've made a good decision - if you only have £150 to spend on beauty in a year, spend it on good quality stuff you like & use. Really good to see such a young head encouraging saving, thrifty spending etc. Good on ya girl! xxx

Unknown said...

I signed up for Glossybox in May and got my first box this month. The P&P increase I believe doesn't come in until September so this one was still £10 and I'd say it was definitely worth it as it contained four full size products (I got the body oil, a lip gloss, shimmer powder and a nail varnish) that would obviously cost a lot more if you bought them separately. Having said that, if you have a strict beauty budget, it's probably not worth it as, you're right, it does all add up if you look at it on a yearly basis. I think everything does though doesn't it - I'd hate to think what I spend over a year on magazines, for example!

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