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I forgot to say in my post yesterday, which tackled spending bans, lottery wins, and the root of it all-money-that actually, I am feeling really rather wealthy. Yes, I might not have any actual cash but, when I think about it, I've got something that makes me far richer-a wonderful partner, an awesome family, and my health. So really, I can't complain. and I shan't. My spending ban has so far proved fairly easy, though I did manage to buy something yesterday, but before you judge me, it was with a voucher! So there was no actual exchanging of any money! I think thats allowed :) I think I mentioned before that the lovely chaps over at Next sent me some vouchers in exchange for some blogging I did for them; this was back at Christmas but I am glad I hung on to them because I finally spent them up in the sales. My latest purchase (and final one!) was this rather bonkers horsehead chess piece. Now, I am not an aficiondo of chess at all but I saw this lurking at the back of a pile of dodgy looking duvet covers and knew I'd have to have it. I saw one similar on a style and interiors blog a couple of weeks ago and loved it, so I knew it would be a wise purchase. Adrian likes it too which is always a plus! I bought the lovely birdcage lampshade too, which is now hanging in our bedroom and is much prettier than a plain old bulb.
The minature schnauzer mug is another charity shop find and feeds my obsession for little dogs. When Adrian and I first started dating he bought me the little badge you can see sitting next to it, and in the charity shop last week we found a mug with the same image on it for 65p! Adrian snaffled it immediately and now I am using it to keep my makeup brush collection in.
I did make one purchase yesterday that I probably shouldn't have; the cream roses from M&S which were looking depressed in the bargain bucket. They were only £1, and I came over all Elton John and thought the house would benefit from them! I love roses and they smell glorious. I put most of them in the vase in the kitchen and one in a little vintage glass Coca Cola bottle on my bedside table.
I have spent the morning watching 'The Seven Year Itch' and have decided that a) I would like a 1950's apartment and b) I'd like to try dipping potato chips in champagne!
Sorry for the complete lack of outfit posts, I'll try and get on it tomorrow!
Have a fab weekend!
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