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Body Chain: Etsy
Tee: Whistles
Palazzo Pants: Gap
Tote: Topman
Jacket: Zara
Jewellery: Vintage, Luxla, House of Harlow
I've been after a decent body harness for ages, but the bloody issue of how to wear it has me stumped. Chain ones seem too gothy for my style, and leather too S&M, but I love the look and (once again) am aware at how behind I am as a blogger on this trend and so I really wanted to get in on it. Now, I'm totes on a spending ban but I can (truthfully!) tell you that I bought this chain harness before I rationed my finances! I found it on Etsy which is a site that deserves a post all of it's own-perhaps to come tomorrow. Anyway, it's made of antiqued copper and was made to my own specifications, and cost around £15 inc. postage-and anyway, I am in love with it. Inspired by the way that Carrie Bradshaw wore her Low Luv body harness in the second Sex and the City movie, (blink and you'll miss it-I saw it more clearly in the book of the film)  I decided I'd spin it under an oversized tee; so you can still see that I am wearing a body harness, but I don't feel as if I should be lurking in a den of iniquity somewhere. I think it works, for me anyway-what do you guys think?
I am pulling some quality faces in these pictures, I do apologise! The light was really nice and every other aspect of the picture looked good except my mug! ha! The palazzo pants are a washed silk style, snagged in the Gap sale for £6.99. They're a classic; I couldn't not buy them! Again-bought before the self-impinged spending ban, which is surprisingly still going well!
I'll be back with a chattier post tomorrow, feeling a bit flat following the horrible events in Norway and then the sad death of Amy Winehouse who was and still is one of my favourite artists. R.I.P young lady x
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Comtesse de ferveur said...

Norway, Amy, it's been such a sad weekend news-wise. You look lovely though, the chain is super unusual and chic and those trousers were a great buy! xx

Paint it Black said...

Oh hun such a different way to wear the body harness looks fab. Love etsy I have just brought a bullet case with a quartz crystal attached pendant cant wait to receive it.

It really has been a sad weekend news wise and the killings in Norway is just awful my thoughts go to there families xoxo

Vix said...

You look absolutely stunning, those trousers are just perfection on you and you've worn the harness beautifully.
Such a horrible weekend for news, it's hard to put into words how dreadful it all as so the best thing is to reflect and embrace those little things that make us happy. x

Lyndsey said...

You look so gorgeous! I haven't even heard of a body chain before? Haha! I'm super behind on these things, but it doesn't matter I guess. I love reading about trending girls like you instead of being one myself :). How on bloody earth would you wear it!?! Where does it hook, etc? I'm just curious! Haha. It looks great on you miss Amie! :).
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

April's Attic said...

wow that body chain is awesome! money well spent :)
it adds the perfect touch to a simple outfit.
follow each other?


Yuliya said...

Looking great!
Just love your style! x

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