What lies beneath...

Body Chain: Etsy
Tee: Whistles
Palazzo Pants: Gap
Tote: Topman
Jacket: Zara
Jewellery: Vintage, Luxla, House of Harlow
I've been after a decent body harness for ages, but the bloody issue of how to wear it has me stumped. Chain ones seem too gothy for my style, and leather too S&M, but I love the look and (once again) am aware at how behind I am as a blogger on this trend and so I really wanted to get in on it. Now, I'm totes on a spending ban but I can (truthfully!) tell you that I bought this chain harness before I rationed my finances! I found it on Etsy which is a site that deserves a post all of it's own-perhaps to come tomorrow. Anyway, it's made of antiqued copper and was made to my own specifications, and cost around £15 inc. postage-and anyway, I am in love with it. Inspired by the way that Carrie Bradshaw wore her Low Luv body harness in the second Sex and the City movie, (blink and you'll miss it-I saw it more clearly in the book of the film)  I decided I'd spin it under an oversized tee; so you can still see that I am wearing a body harness, but I don't feel as if I should be lurking in a den of iniquity somewhere. I think it works, for me anyway-what do you guys think?
I am pulling some quality faces in these pictures, I do apologise! The light was really nice and every other aspect of the picture looked good except my mug! ha! The palazzo pants are a washed silk style, snagged in the Gap sale for £6.99. They're a classic; I couldn't not buy them! Again-bought before the self-impinged spending ban, which is surprisingly still going well!
I'll be back with a chattier post tomorrow, feeling a bit flat following the horrible events in Norway and then the sad death of Amy Winehouse who was and still is one of my favourite artists. R.I.P young lady x
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