So...I've spent the best part of the day distracting myself from an ever increasing list of 'wants' but I have had two 'checkout' windows open since about 11am this morning...I am tempted, so tempted, to spend! I have really been looking at my wardrobe just lately, finding the gaps in it and setting about intending to fill them. Since I embarked on this spending ban, I've really found myself looking at quality over quantity; for example I'd rather buy one expensive piece a month, and end up with 12 amazing pieces over the course of a year, than buy hundreds of random items which I'll wear once and then never wear again. In this vein I've been using the 'wishlist' and 'save for later' functions on my favourite websites-ASOS, Net a Porter, My-Wardrobe, The Outnet, French Connection, etc, etc, to select pieces I think I'll love forever and always want to keep. This way, I can go back after a week or so and see if I still love the item enough! I think this works better for me than just buying something on impulse and then regretting it days later.
So what's on my wishlist? Well, I've spotted the perfect leather jacket in French Connection, some fabulous last-a-lifetime jewels from House of Harlow 1960, and a washed silk kimono jacket by Winter Kate. I've also picked out a lovely ring by ASOS White. 
I've decided to end my spending ban in favour of this new, improved version of my shopping life; I'm going to limit what I buy and then probably do something like a 'purchase of the month' post, so I can keep track of what I've got and what I need to get. What do you guys think?
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