Stripes and LUXLA

Sunnies: H&M
Bag: Primark
Shoes: Vintage
Trousers: Zara
Belt: Gap
Tee: Quiksilver Women
Cardigan: Jil Sander
I got a lovely surprise through the post the other day, by way of the gorgeous Hex bracelet by LUXLA. I'd seen this bracelet on many a fashion site and other style blogs and I fell a little in love with it. I bought it from the LUXLA Etsy store and it cost around £14 inc. P&P which I think is an absolute bargain, the bracelet is chunky, heavy and luxe and the perfect complement to my more classic style choices, adding a (much favoured by me) dose of quirk to my look. Considering it came from across the pond as well, it was with me in less than a week and a half which I think is pretty good going; Thanks LUXLA girls! What do you make of it? You can shop the LUXLA collection here and shop here for the Hex bracelet.

My day today has been spent chilling as all Sundays should be. well, I say this but I changed the sheets, did 2 loads of washing, tidied the flat, hoovered the bathroom, packed up some things I sold on eBay, caught up on some reading (News of the World, Upstyler-featuring YULL on their back page this month) baked cookies (photographic proof to come!) and answered a Blog interview. I also found myself the subject of another gorgeous ladies blog; as the wonderful Milana from FashionStyleAdvice posted a little article I'd written about print mixing which you can read here.

So actually I've had a rather productive day, and am now preparing dinner whilst blogging simultaneously so that I can have it on the table for when Adrian gets in from work. I'm also planning to watch Marley & Me tonight, though I am sure this will increase my longing for a puppy of my own tenfold. We watched The Lovely Bones last night, I had read the book and loved it but Adrian has just joined LoveFilm so we thought we'd watch it as we had to compile a list of films we wanted to see and when you have to think of some, it's impossible to! But it was worth renting, it was a really good film, if a little different from the book.

Do you like my shoes? On Friday night Adrian and I went to the closing down party of a little vintage boutique in Bristol called Top Deck. A cool band that we liked was playing, but before that, we were lured in with the promise of cheap vintage and BYO alcohol, so no nasty bar tab. Yes! In addition to this (can it get better?) there were several bins of FREE vintage garb for one to help themselves to, as well as everything in the shop being half the marked price. I bought Adrian an eagle teeshirt and in return he bought me a black faux-fur trimmed suit jacket and matching skirt, and these oxblood peeptoes which cost just £8; ok maybe more than I'd pay in a chazzer but it's rare for me to find such a covetable shoe, and in my size! Ok maybe not exactly my size, but whats half a size between friends! They're so cute and made by 'Etienne Aiger', thus cementing my love for anything remotely French sounding in my closet!

This Primark bag is the closet thing I can afford to a mini Mulberry bayswater which is what I am currently coveting, and badly. I saw a cute 'Mulberry for Target' mini bayswater on eBay but it had no strap, and, well, that's kind of a necessity for me. So I declined to have a punt on it....I'll keep looking!

I think Blogger is playing up a little today, I have tried to comment on loads of blog posts today and I keep getting error messages. So I'll be sure to try again tomorrow.

Have a great week 

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this bracelet!! and your shoes are gorgeous too! I hate it when vintage shops have to close, it seems to be happening loads at the moment :( damn you recession haha! xx

Alexandra said...

Your on blogging fire today miss! Such a cute outfit as per usual and im thinking i want one of those braclets now! Oh dear : (
But the spending ban ended today so maybe there is hope : )

Anna said...

I adooore your outfit and the details too ! :)
lovely bracelets!

Anonymous said...

I have had my eye on these sunnies for far to long, the reason I haven't bought them yet is I feel they won't suit me... but yours suit you down to a T :)

Isabel Bianchi said...

Hi! Nice to meet u! I find your look lovely! I´m so into navy style! And your vintage shoes are very cute! I never find shoes of my size at vintage stores! Old ladies had such tiny foot!!
xoxo from Spain!!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

That is such a cute outfit! The sunglasses are perfect!

Jess Cole said...

Love the bracelet!

Maria- CityLaundry said...

you have such wonderful style!
love this post!

gretting from new york!

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