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Ah, Mondays. Possibly everyone's worst day of the week. The weekend's over and we're back to work again. But it's not all bad, especially if you've managed to spend a nice relaxed weekend away somewhere! With this in mind, I thought I'd have a look at some possible options with regard to the update of my classic 'weekender' bag. Now, I have awful problems when it comes to packing for a 'weekend break.' I always seem to cram too much into a bag that is too big, meaning I normally have to lug a massive bag around with me wherever I'm off to (or poor Adrian does!) and if the 'carry-all' bag doesn't make the cut, I'm usually stuck with a wheely case that has seen much better days and is like that trolley I always seem to get in the supermarket-it has a wonky wheel and mind of it's own!
I didn't realise that Spartoo even did handbags until I spotted some in an email they sent me. On closer inspection, I found they have loads to choose from, several of which would make the perfect weekenders. I think the dealbreaker for me on a weekend bag would have to be size, of course, but I also like my weekend bags to be chic. There's nothing worse than toting about all your glamorous goods in a tatty old holdall, so I would like to invest in the fantastic Kipling leather tote to hold my travelling shoe collection, and that Paul & Joe Sister barrel bag would be the perfect accompanyment to, I'd say, 99% of my wardrobe: those neutral tones are SO me and the bag is just effortlessly sophisticated.
For something a bit more spangly, who knew the Thierry Mugler brand made handbags? I knew the name as synonymous with the gorgeously smelling perfume, and now you can can match your scent to your bag. The delicious light grey tote is the perfect size for an overnighter and the star shaped clasp adds some timeless elegance to your tote.
For those amongst us who need slightly more room, even if only for a weekend away (read: Me) then this Lulu Castagnette roller case is just the ticket. The fabulous French-chic striped style is adorable and will easily enable you to find your case, even on the busiest baggage conveyor belt. Being a hard shell case also means any precious cargo won't get crushed-as someone who has rescued their (soft) case from a luggage belt with footprints all over it can attest that sometimes you need to feel confident in the security of your luggage, and this is sure to do just that.
What do you pack for a weekend away? Would you rely on a tote, or do you take a wheely bag or suitcase?
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Anonymous said...

Lovely post - I hate Mondays! I love the first black bag, it's so sleek and smart! I've got a trusty red holdall that I bought from Oasis years ago! xx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Amie, Amy here! Its weird that you wrote about bags today as Im hunting for a backpack (bang on trend, me) to take to Edinburgh next month. It needs to be small enough to be carry on on the plane and hold a weeks worth of stuff(!). Topshop have some leather looking ones but I want something a bit less plasticy m... if you know what I mean. Perhaps canvas. Any thoughts? Or should I stick to a holdall? xx

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These are so fab! I'm definitely a tote girl. I like to grab my bag and run, not wait for it to drag on the floor with wheels. Hehe! :P

Rosalina S. said...

great posts.. and.. every single bag u post has its own character! (:


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