Silks and Stripes....

Sweater: Zara
Grey Tee: Whistles
Silk Shorts, Hat: Gap
Boots: Topshop
Jewels: House of Harlow, Vintage, Luxla
Hello all! Thankyou for your comments on my last couple of posts; I am feeling excited about my spending challenge and actually it's made me feel a lot better than just being on a spending ban; it's made me really think about what I buy and since I am limiting myself to one piece a month I am going to be sure to choose the perfect thing-this is definitely going to sort out my impulse purchasing and weed out the unneccessary gubbins from my wardrobe. I am aiming to build a capsule wardrobe of gorgeous, multi-wear items which will work for any occasion and always look great. I am pretty sorted for shoes and bags so I am going to go through my collection and see if there are any styles missing, I think what I could really use is a decent leather jacket, denim jacket, a pleated skirt and a silk blouse, so these are things to think about. I am also looking at my jewellery collection; now, I am a stickler for a nice piece of jewellery and I mostly buy (or am given) vintage pieces, or pieces that are real silver or gold. This isn't because I'm snooty about high street jewellery, because you can find great bits in Topshop and Primark, but I am sick of this stuff a) tarnishing (and discolouring my skin) and b) making my skin itchy. Yes, it would seem that after years of wearing cheapo jewels, my body is rebelling against them; I've always had to be very careful about what I put in my ears (cheap, base metal or nickel earrings last literally about 5 minutes before they make my ears red and itchy and I have to take them out) and now the same is happening on my hands-whether the hot weather isn't helping I'm not sure but my cheap rings have started to make my skin sensitive and rashy, which is never a good look. Hence I am bogarting my cheap stuff and aim to replace it with only decent (read: not cheap metal) bits. Annoyingly I bought some new pieces at the beginning of July and now wish I hadn't as they are making me itchy and are now fit for the bin, so tarnished are they already. Oh well-you live and learn!
I am wearing my fave silk bloomer shorts from The Gap which are super comfy but crease like a mofo. I wore these for a day and you would think they had been knotted up in the bottom of my bag for about 5 years, such was the state of them-they do iron up ok but I can't say I enjoy having to iron them every time I want to wear them! The sweater is Zara, bought in the sale for £7.99-I love the teeny pocket on the front :)
The key ring is House of Harlow, a brand I can wear because the pieces are gold or sterling silver plated. I love this ring and I'm going to ask for another piece for my birthday; maybe a necklace or some earrings.
I am so white; I really must get on a fake tan but I am useless at applying it and I always look like a streaky bit of bacon. I wish I could be one of those girls who is always immaculately turned out-unchipped nail polish, golden tan, perfect makeup; sadly I am much more 'lived in' and hence my manicure is rarely perfect, my hair is often unkempt and my legs, yes, whiter than white. Oh well-I am happy so what does it matter!
I am reading a book at the moment that I've pinched from Adrian, it's written by Vic Reeves and is about his life (oddly, he isn't actually called Vic Reeves at all). It's called Me:Moir and is definitely worth a go if you see one lying about; it's so funny I've been laughing out loud at it in public which does make me look a little nuts but it's so funny I can't help myself.
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Paint it Black said...

Love this outfit hun the shorts are gorgeous but dont you just hate fabrics that crease like that I stay away from linen for that exact reason. I know what you mean about Toppers rings I was actually saying to my mum the other day that I am not going to bother with there rings anymore because they tarnish mega quick shame as they have some gorge rings in at the mo.

Love your new shopping idea cant wait to see what goodies you add to your wardrobe xoxo

Jessica said...

I love your outfit! I am really into stripes too. Everything coordinates together so well and the hat is just the icing on the cake! It is so adorable.

Carrie said...

I adore this outfit! You look very casual and put together at the same time. And I love books that make you laugh out loud in public, that's how you can tell if its good.
<3 Carrie

Anonymous said...

fantastic outfit ! I love it :)

Klauda B.

Princess and the pea x said...

I love this outfit chick and you look stunning in the hat it suits you muchos.

Have a great weekend hunny pie xoxo

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