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With a wedding to attend at the weekend (so exciting!) I got to thinking about suitable attire. I have totes already sorted my outfit out, and Adrian is getting there with his, which will be finished off by a gorgeous pair of vintage leather pointed shoes that he found for a tenner in a boutiqe on one of our days out. Normally he favours a dap for day, but for a smarter occasion he chooses a slicker looking brogue and he always looks fantastic.
Men's shoes are one thing I don't think the high street does that well; not decent ones anyway. Topman and River Island always seem to proffer sporty looking abominations in either nylon or cheap leather or imitation suede, which feel as flimsy and uninspiring as they look.
My dad is the paradigm for a decent chap's shoe. He spends a little more and buys incredibly sumptuous punched leather brogues and boots from bespoke London craftsmen and he wears them for years and years, getting them resoled and reheeled as and when the need arises. I can always hear my dad coming before I see him; his steel heel edges clicking authoritatively on the floor. He always looks impeccably turned out and he is a man who truly appreciates the quality of a good shoe. He would wear any of the pairs above without a moments hesitation (apart from possibly the boots, as he is almost 60 he may consider them a bit 'young' for him, though my 17 year old brother would snap them up in an instant!)
The fantastic two-toned pair are probably the quirkiest smart shoes I've seen in a while and they're just lovely-smart and a classic shape, with a twist. The black brogues are a staple for a formal occasion, whilst the suede pairs retain an air of sharpness around any look, whilst still being low-key enough to wear with jeans or chino's.
All these men's shoes are available from Spartoo. Do you like them? Would you buy shoes for your boyfriend, brother or dad? And would they wear any of these styles?
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Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I love mens shoes! The second pair is my absolute favourite! <3

Lost in the Haze

Michelle's Style File said...

These are all rather dapper!


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