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I'll be honest, I always feel a little sceptical when I read of a blogger on a 'spending ban.' How can people not only manage to do this, but also continue to post about things they've seen that they'd like and that inspires them? despite my scepticism I am always impressed by those who can actually carry it off-Alex at Life After 20 is mid way through the 100 days challenge which involves not buying anything new for, well, 100 days. I feel quite ashamed at my lack of willpower-I once tried to not buy anything for a month and caved about 4 hours in. I don't know, I think it's the psycological idea of suddenly not being able to shop, which makes me crave it even more. Think of it like a diet-you couldn't just stop eating, but you need to think about what you eat more, cut out the snacks, and make sure what you are consuming is healthy.
With this in mind (writing this, I actually wrote 'thins', how ironic) I have decided, once and for all, to overhaul my financial health. I'm thinking of it as a shopping MOT; to really decipher where my money goes and how to stop wasting in on impulse buys and things I'll not wear more than once.
I am a fairly frugal gal, I mean, this whole blog was concieved around the idea of style on a shoestring, and this can certainly be attainable. I don't think you should need to spend a fortune to look good, nor should you have to buy a new outfit for every occasion. Every piece in your wardrobe should work hard for you, and mix and match with other pieces to create countless new outfits. I've identified a couple of gaps in my current clothing collection which I would like to fill; first up, a denim jacket! A really basic one that I can wear with everything. In the same vein I'd like a leather jacket; I have seen one in Zara that I'm very tempted by but, well, the point of this post is to inform you of my shiny new and improved shopping habits so I'll not trot out and buy it just yet.
As Adrian and I settle into life as a cohabiting couple (which I LOVE!) I am finding things that we need to incorporate into our home that either one of us didn't have before we combined our belongings. For example, who would believe we didn't have a baking sheet? Or a wire rack?! in addition, things that we've both had for years have become tired and need replacing, so a chunk of our budget does go on interior pieces and home decor.
I am trying to budget monthly and stick to it but this can be difficult. I have found one good way to avoid temptation at home is to unsubscribe from all those fashion website emails which ping into my inbox on a daily basis to try and persuade me to part with my cash. if temptation isn't right in front of me, I find it much easier to resist!
As for the images above; well, consider them things I'd buy tomorrow if I had unlimited amounts of cash. A bit of an eclectic mix, given; the chocolate brown teacup poodle pup is my dream pooch and I long for the day that we have a home with a garden to raise him in. Adrian wants a cat, we're going to have a pet-filled home! That is also another thing that would be high on the list-our own place! As in, a home we own and can PAINT and put things ON WALLS! I can't wait!
I have also developed an unhealthy obsession on a certain Miz Richie; her House of Harlow 1960 jewellery line is everything I want right now, and she always seems to hit that glam/boho style vibe spot on. Sigh.
There's been a lot in the news just lately about those lottery winners; it got me to thinking about how I would handle winning the lottery; and if I was lucky enough to do so, I think I'd make sure it was out of the public eye. Fair play to the winners, but if you go national with it, I'd expect you would be just waiting for the begging letters to start. Not my style, I'm afraid-I'm more of a low-key kind of girl!
Anyway the crux of my post: I'm on a spending ban. *sigh* I am going to try my very best to save up my pennies; the only thing I am allowing myself to part with cash over is work uniform. It's going to be a long month....
Have you got any tips for saving money? Are you a blogger that embraces a spending ban?
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Alexandra said...

Why not try doing what i did for the month and make a video of your outfits. I think you would be great on there and you do feel mega guilty if you want to cheat.
Oh and as i have said in the past you cant buy any house of harlow enless you buy me something : )

SMS Style said...

I'm on a ban too at the moment! Basically I did a huge wardrobe clean up and wrote a list of 5 things that I actually need (ie: new black cardigan, its an essential for work) and am really enjoying having a proper hunt down for those few pieces rather than spending £20 on random tops that never get worn...


PS - great blog, will be following you xxx

vivalablonda said...

Ooh I think most of fashion bogglers has this problems, but I think is pretty wise how you are planning to avoid it! and I'm loving House of Harlow 1960 but I'm more for the sunnies hehe.... Great post.


Lyndsey said...

I think could go for a 100 days without buying anything, but that would completely be because I didn't have a choice haha. My mom is the money maker of the household so it's always up to her whenever we go thrifting! lyndsey of

Vix said...

I don't think I could impose a ban on myself either, hats off to Alexandra!
You're doing the right thing by cancelling all those enticing emails and you should also give magazines a wide berth as they are just designed to make you feel like your wardrobe is outdated and inadequate and make you crave to buy more.
Good luck! x

Anonymous said...

I did a spending ban and at the same time I tried to wear a different outfit (could be the same tops/trousers but worn in different combinations) everyday for 30 days to prove that I really didn't need anything new. Also it's a really good idea to stop subscribing to all of the emails, and don't tempt yourself by going into shops. Getting your own place that you can make a stamp on is much better than buying clothes that you won't wear in a few years time xxx

Princess and the pea x said...

Hunny pie thank you kindly for your lovely comment.

What a fab post. I am so like you I lasted only a few hours when I decided to have a shopping ban I find it so difficult.

I try and only buy things I love to death now and I am appreciating what I have rather than putting my efforts into lusting after things I haven't got. Because once you get them you then want something else.

If you ban yourself from magazines and looking on the internet that helps sometimes. I know when I read magazines which I do weekly lol They make me want everything xx

Kelsey said...

It sounds like you have a good "diet" plan for your budget! Figuring out what you really need in your wardrobe is definitely important. I loved the part where you said our clothes should work hard for us - so true! Also the House of Harlow gold sequined head piece is so beautiful!

Diane said...

Just looked through ur blog! I love ur style!!



Ronn said...

sounds like a brilliant idea! definitely something i'll be having a go at come winter i think!

my one saving tip would be:

dont buy it because its reduced

its an awful habit i've picked up from my thrifty mother, but if a top is £3 i would automatically assume it was worth it and buy, only to end up never actually taking it out of my wardrobe,

i;ve actually ended up saving more money by buying one more expensive item and getting tonnes of wear out of it, then buying loads of tops for a fiver each and never wearing them more than once! xx

xxShivvyxx said...

I've given up buying dresses as my new years resolution - i have too many dresses and honestly don't need anymore at the moment! I'm so proud that i've made it to July without a slip up that i'm now too stubborn to give up!!

I find that blogging is great for my willpower - now you've said you're on a ban, if you fail you have to admit it to all your followers! Imagine the shame :P

Main tips for being frugal is:
-if you need to get something, set your budget and take the money out of the machine.
-only go to the shop you need to go to
-don't browse!

If you don't go to shops and look around you won't find anything you want! I think you're already halfway there with unsubbing to fashion emails though!!

Good Luck!


Melina said...

I love so much her headband )

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