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So as a few of you guys will be aware, I've been getting my thrift on just lately (especially at home) with regard to a) saving a bit of money and b) updating our flat without spending a fortune. A recent trip to Ikea turned up a few lovely fabric offcuts for just £1 a piece, so I thought I'd have a go at re-covering a cushion I had that the zip had broken on the cover. There it is, above; a little dated and raggedy after several years of good use!
And here's one I made earlier; quite literally! I love the fabric, it's especially fitting as Adrian is a complete bird-aholic (of the feathered kind, I hasten to add!) so he really liked it too. It took about an hour to make all in, because I had to do it all by hand as I don't have a sewing machine (yet! It's on the wishlist!). I did iron the fabric beforehand but obviously didn't do a very good job!

Here is the fabric in close up. I love it! It's kind of retro, sort of 60's/70's ish, and supercute. My gorgeous gal pal Laura made some (much better) cushions on her blog and she was kind enough to give a step by step guide, if you want to have a look, click here.
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Joy said...

Cute cushions! I love the fabric :) I tried to make cushions a while back, but majorly failed when trying to sew the zips on :/ xx

Sarah said...

such cute fabric! nice DIY! xx

Anonymous said...

Well done, looks awesome!


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