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The weather has been so lovely the last few days but there has been a strong freshening breeze which dictates sometimes a cardi is needed. Step up, the new jumper obsession in the form of this lovely old man's sleeveless jerkin picked up in a charity shop for £2.50! It's armless and therefore, perfectly transitional!

Blouse: H&M Knit: Vintage Trousers: Zara Shoes: Reiss Bag: Vintage YSL
I've just realised you can see my bra in it's entirety...BOOM. Ah well, it could be worse, and anyway, that whole tacky I-can-see-your-bra thing is quite hot right now so maybe I am indirectly and accidently on trend, imagine that!

I have had quite a productive day despite waking up this morning feeling hideous; I have a feeling that that horrible cold that I suffered with a month or so ago may be on the return. I have been popping the Vit C's in an attempt to reduce it's effect; I hate colds and I hate feeling under the weather and heavy of head and face. Nasty. 

These are the Reiss sandals I snagged from eBay for a measly £6. I am going to take advantage of their free listing weekend and pop a few bits up for sale I think; I am working hard to save money and this is another way I can make some dollar as well as clearing out my overstuffed wardrobe. I really have so much, it's silly as I wear about 20% of what I have in rotation. The same goes for my makeup and bathroom products; I have a ton of stuff and most of it I never use. I have been inspired by the gorgeous Vix who wrote on one of her blog posts, 'I never stockpile products.' This really stuck with me when I read it and it's made me make a real effort to only buy what I actually need, rather than getting sidetracked or attracted to spend more on uneccessary products I don't really need. It occurred to me to check the balance on my Boots card as well, and I had almost a tenner on there! So I was able to get a few essentials for zero pence!

Another way I found to save money was to stop buying trashy weeklies and fashion mags. This pains me a bit because I do love them, but honestly, if I buy one a week at £2, thats almost £100 a year that I'm basically chucking away (I read a mag and then stick it out for recycling). I subscribe to Elle and Vogue (V was a gift subscription so I don't feel guilty about it!) so they will have to suffuice! I keep those ones as well for reference. If I find I am struggling mid-month, I pop to my local French Connection who stock two really cool free magazines, Stylist (for gals) and Shortlist (for chaps). They are a really good freebie and definitely replace a missing Grazia. I've also started taking a book to work to read on my lunchbreak, to avoid the temptation to buy something to read. 
I've always been the sort of person to make a packed lunch to take to work, for a couple of reasons, I can't bear spending on ONE lunch's worth of food what I could probably buy a week's worth of lunches for, and also, being as I'm vegetarian, the only sandwich options are usually egg, or cheese and onion, which is fine but sometimes you don't fancy that! Only one other person I work with, my lovely pal Kitty, brings a packed lunchbox to work; everyone else heads out for salads, macdonalds, KFC, sandwiches and the like. It's a bit of a pain to make it in the morning but it really does save so much money-£5 spent a day over 5 days of work is £25! Which is so much! Half my weekly shopping budget for food for two, including lunches, for the entire week!

Sorry, didn't mean to go all thrift store on you guys! I think because I am making a real effort to make a change in my financial habits I am feeling the need to overshare, apaz!
Btw, this is what happens when I don't straighten my hair! Talk about cloud hair, it's frizzing out all over! 

I am wearing my hair straight (though not straightened!) and got so many comments on the ombre due to it! One lady was so lovely and asked where I had had it done! Which made me feel well jammy since I did it myself with the classic teenage dye trip, Jerome Russel B Blonde, a couple of bits of tinfoil and crossed fingers!

Anyway! Sorry this post has been rather vocal! But I hope you like it anyway!
Thanks also for all the lovely comments you give, I so appreciate them!
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Paint it Black said...

those shoes were such a steal they are gorgeous and the knit too. Love this outfit and I like the bra showing gives it an edge. I am bad for wasting money I always buy my lunch and things for my tea break I would save about £100 a month if I took it in xoxo

Abi Tottenham-Smith said...

Cant believe that cardi was £2.50, bargain!! I need to do some more shopping in charity shops! Love your whole outfit! xxx

squidword said...

beautiful blouse and vest and i really ADORE your bag and shoes!! so stylish dear!!

Vix said...

You are doing brilliantly with your economy drive, Amie! It's a great idea to read a book during your lunch break rather than being tempted by magazine adverts or wandering around the shops, you'll save yourself a fortune and soon have the house (and cat) of your dreams.
Love the knitwear with the cheeky flash of bra and those shoes are wonderful.
Good luck with eBay. I'm having a productive afternoon replacing zips and hems, rock and rock, eh? xxx

NANCYXO said...

i love the red color combined with the cream =]

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