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I think I mentioned the other week that in the middle of the night, my trusty clothing rail collapsed under the weight of all my clobber. I have become rather frugal of late, maybe because I am sick and tired of being permanently skint and also due to the fact that we live in a lovely flat which is gradually becoming clogged with clutter. So I've been clearing out, and buying pieces which I not only actually need, but really love, too.
Case in point: my newest acquisition, and purchase of the month: The Alexis clothing rail from Habitat.

At £50 she wasn't cheap, but my word, she's lovely! Sturdy, chic and beautifully made, I know she will last much longer than my knackered old Argos cheapies-which, despite only costing £15, I have already gone through two so they're quite clearly a false economy! 

The Alexis has a lovely spacious base rail to pop all my vintage shoesies on. See a pair of Age's deckers hiding underneath!?

The bar looks a little bit bent here! It's not, it's just the angle of the camera! I will be putting more of my clothes on here but I am trying to make a capsule wardrobe for the summer and until I've decided what I want, I've stuck a few pieces up for now.

Clothing by Karen Millen, Vaudeville & Burlesque, Quiksilver Women, and Vintage.

The vintage vanity cases belonged to my Grandma, I use them to store jewellery and bits and pieces. They're a lot nicer than shoeboxes which is what I used to keep my jewellery in before!

She even has wheels! Could I ask for more!
I love interior design and have recently really got back into it, though I'm not very good at it! I'd describe my style as shabby chic, but not too twee-there's definitely a lot of vintage thrown in with the odd classic modern piece in the mix. What do all your homes or favourite rooms look like? I'm so nosey I love 'home' posts, love to have a good look around other bloggers abodes. It's funny how their style can often translate into the space they surround themselves with and I love to see that.
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Paint it Black said...

This is such a good investment. Those Argos ones are awful I brought one to use for Car Boot sales and it fell apart xoxo

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