The Blues

Corsage, Shoes: Primark
Earrings: 13 Jewellery
Trousers: Warehouse
Bag: Vintage John Lewis
Vest: Banana Republic (thrifted)
So, after bleating on about how I was definitely not going to buy anything in the sales, I discovered these trousers in Warehouse, wobbled, tried them on, and promptly knew I had to have them. They're what I would call the perfect summer peg: loose, gorgeous chambray denim, slightly paper-bagish waistband, removable self tie belt (I think I will substitute it for a skinny pale tan patent one). I have been all over my H&M yellow shorts just lately and I think these trousers will be getting as much love. I paired them with more blue-which is unusual for me as blue isn't a colour I would normally go for. But I look forward to putting them with the camels and creams that make up the basis of my wardrobe. The silk vest is actually Banana Republic, I found it in a charity shop with a 'press sample' lable on it (wierd! How'd it get there?!) and it was about £2.50 or thereabouts so I bought it. I have treated it very badly; including putting it in the washing machine (it's 100% silk! Scandal!) and chopping about a foot off the length of it-it hit me right on the hips with this bizarre ruffled layer which made my midsection look as wide as the back of a bus-so it had to go. I am normally catious about chopping clothes up, after wrecking a vintage plisse pleated maxi dress by cutting too much off it-absolutely gutted. So I took care but it paid off with this top which I think looks better a little less pristine. I left the hem raw so it didn't look to finished, and now I really like it. A good buy! It does have very dropped armholes and so, look guys, you can see my bra (again) however this is a smarter one-Sonia Rykiel pour H&M, don't you know. 
I also have some new earrings! If you follow my Twitter you'll know I bought them from 13 Jewellery, and aren't they lovely! They cost just £5 and I think they're vintagey, smart and chic, all the components I look for in some day to day jewellery. They're so pretty and I love the shape, plus they came in about 2 days-love it!
My bag is vintage John Lewis (via my late Grandmother) and I just used some Primark hair bands to make a corsage.
This week I have been mostly watching the tennis and tidying the flat, we had a really nice visit from Adrians parents at the beginning of the week and so I had to make sure it all looked ship shape! I am really longing for a garden at the moment, it's the one thing about living in a flat that I really don't like, I miss my mum and dads huge garden so much! I don't want a massive space, even a balcony would do....just some link of our own to the outside world! We have been living in Bristol now for 7 months, I can't believe how quickly it's flown by. I love the city and am beginning to feel it is more 'my place' now. I spent most of Sunday wandering around the centre whilst Adrian was at work and it was really enjoyable to find places I'd not been before and really have a good look round on my own. I'm quite a baby and usually hate doing things by myself so I think it was good for me to grow a pair and actually do something on my own. 
I am still obsessing over the Jimmy Choo 'Morse' jelly pumps I saw in Harvey Nicks (NOT MY SIZE ARGH!) Question: Anyone know where I can get some? On the JC site the pink ones I want are still full price....WHY is that? Can anyone tell me!?!
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A Thrifty Mrs said...

I think those trousers were a wise sale buy. They really suit you.

SHOEGAL said...

I went to UWE so I love Bristol, especially the now Cabot Circus is open and the centre is all done up. I visit serval times a year as one of my old housemates still lives there.

Anna said...

lovely outfit! I like very much the trousers!!

i'm folowing you
maybe you want to take a look at my blog

Carrie said...

I love those pants! Or rather, trousers as you say. :) And that corsage is adorable! I think I'm going to have to try that with some fabric flowers I have!
<3 Carrie

Vix said...

Hi Amie! The trousers are a brilliant find and your revamp on the Banana Republic vest was a sure success.
Lovely earrings, very 1980's-blingtastic and the perfect accessory to your pared-down, chic outfit. xxx

Charlotte said...

love this look, so cute x

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

i adore this outfit, the colours are lovely, plus i love the shape of your trousers. great find with the silk vest, quite a bargain :)


Alexandra said...

Those earings are so sweet. I wish i could pull off pants like that.

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