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The only good thing, if there can be one,  that followed our horrendous car accident on Thursday was the fact that we got to go home to Devon for 2 days. We spent time catching up with our families which was lovely, and managed to pop out for lunch on the Friday and a leisurely walk around the charity shops in town after seeing Adrians lovely mum and dad.

When we went out to take my photo's this morning I found this random hot pink rose petal blowing around the courtyard. I kept hold of it because I really liked the colour. Adrian bought a flower press from one of the chazzers for 50p so I might stick it in there.

In my favourite charity shop (which has previously yielded bags, blouses and, a piece de resistance: Celine pumps for a pricely £2) I found a huge envelope portfolio clutch and these stack heeled loafers which were just £1 a piece. I love charity shops that price their stock accordingly-it's so annoying when stuff is really overpriced, especially when it's just tat from Primark that has been priced up to more than the original cost!

This whole outfit is vintage apart from the trousers which, probably, by rights, should be-they're ancient. I love the fit though so despite their bobbled and bedraggled appearance I can't bring myself to bin them off. 

Blouse, Shoes, Bag, Belt: Vintage Trousers: Zara

You might recognise the blouse-it's the partner to the skirt I wore last week. It's so cute and I can't believe the whole set only cost me £2. I am loving vintage blouses at the moment and seem to be amassing quite the collection. They're so nice for the weather at the moment (which is so unstable!) because they're lightweight and really easy to dress up or down. Also you can size up and they still look quirky; I am always buying size 14's and 16's to wear cinched with a belt or open over a cami.

Not sure if you can see that well in these pics but I am wearing my latest mascara, the Rimmel Day 2 Night one which has a dual cap to let you choose between length or volume for day or night looks. There is a full review below! 
This bag is a vintage one and one of my favourite ever charity shop finds. It was only a few pounds I think, and I love the puma shaped clasp. It's so unusual and really reminds me of the Angel Jackson Jaguar range. I also love the boxy shape of the bag, it's really cute.

What do you make of my little granny woven heeled loafers? They're uber comfy but as soon as I strode outside, one heel tip disintegrated and one came clean off. I think that's the biggest problem with vintage shoes; if they haven't been worn in a while the heel tips don't stand up and soon need replacing. Luckily there is a decent cobbler near where I work so I can get them mended there. It will mean a £1 pair of shoes ends up probably costing about £10 after they've been re-heeled and I've bought an insole (one of the insoles is missing from one shoe) but I think they're adorable and worth the spend. They're made of the softest Spanish leather so I know that if I take care of them, they'll stand me in good stead for years to come.

See what I mean about my trousers? Definitely fit for the bin! This Christian Dior belt was one of my nan's which I inherited when she died. It has the cutest clasp but has had to have extra holes made in it, and not in the most professional manner either!

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!
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Anne said...

Hi! I followed from your Tumblr where you reblogged one of my photos. Thanks for the reblog! Really cool pants (or trousers, since you're British) and cute belt!

Life At Victoria House said...

Gorgeous images :) Looks like so much fun!
I wish I had friends or family there to go see!

www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

Vix said...

I can't see anything wrong with those trousers, after all you've accessorised them to perfection and they fit beautifully.
Secondhand shoes are always worth a punt, they're usually far more comfortable for being worn in and those memory foam insoles from Poundland are brilliant if they're a tad on the roomy side.xxx

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