MC Hammer called, he wants his pants back....

Phew, the last few days have been non-stop! Sorry for my lack of outfit posts, yesterday I worked and then Adrian and I went to Dot to Dot festival in Bristol so we left the house at 1pm and didn't get home til 1am. Hence all I had time for was a post about my new clothing rail; hmm inneresting, no!? 
To brighten up your Sunday I present to you: The Trousers That Scare Everyone. Not least of all Adrian; he couldn't even muster up an adjective to sum these up. I bought them for £1 at a vintage jumble sale; I think the fact that they only cost £1 says it all! Well I really like the fit, they're very high waisted and even though they make my hips look like they don't lie (about all the cakes I've eaten) I still love them quite a large amount.
Note: NOT as much as I love Adrian's latest chazzer purchase, Take That and Party on VINYL, which he's just put on his record player and is unashamedly bopping along to. Amaze. 

I figured to print clash with these babies would be a bridge too far, so I teamed them with black, which isn't very summery, given, but it's been really grey and overcast just lately so I seem to be digging back into the 'winter' section of my wardrobe because it feels all sorts of wrong to wear floral frippery when it's tipping it down.

This bag is my handbag holy grail; a Christian Dior saddle AS WORN by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City (Season 3? Whichever season she gets with Aiden, first time around.) I mean this isn't actually her bag, but she carries the exact same one in the series. I remember watching it, and having to pause my dvd in wonderment to make sure it was the same bag. I bought it from eBay and it was the first thing I ever bought from there, it cost me £27 which was a lot of dollar at the time but I didn't care, I thought it was super cheap for a Dior and wondered if it might be a fake but it arrived and most certainly wasn't so safe to say I was loving life. I've had it probably around 9 years now and it never dates; it goes with everything and is just so luxe. I'd love to get a Chanel 2.55 or a Louis Vuitton Speedy but, my CD Saddle is probably more unique-I hardly ever see them, and I've certainly never seen the same colourway as I've got.

Isn't he lovely. Grained leather, gold toned hardwear and CD stamping to the metalwork. He fits only a mobile, keys and lippy, at a push I can get my LV wallet in him but I actually can compromise on space because he is so pretttttty! An iconic piece from when the 'It' bag was the only type to be seen with.

Bag: Vintage Christian Dior Vest: Zoe's Tees Jacket: Gap Feather Ring: ASOS Harem Trousers: Vintage Boots: Les Tropeziennes @ Spartoo Silver Cuff: Vintage

I shall do a seperate post about the Dot to Dot festival we went to because I have a new style crush I want to share with you guys. I love scoping out the festival fashions, I wore black pegs, high waisted with a vintage Jaeger denim shirt tucked in, and a vintage knitted sleeveless men's cardigan. Shoe wise I wore vintage wicker pumps which are rapidly coming apart at the seams, but I don't think anyone can wear heels for more than 10 hours straight on your feet. There was a LOT of walking involved and since the car accident we had I've had a bit of pain with my back so I had to be sensible! One thing I did see a lot of were what I call 'bumster' denim shorts. Now, I'm all for a denim short-my beautiful blog pal Giselle inspires me with her ways to wear them on her blog-but she always looks super classy, and all these young ladies I spotted were wearing shorts SO short at the back you could see their butt cheeks hanging out, and in one case, a rather unsightly tights gusset. Rear view checks before leaving the house, sisters!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend and enjoy the bank holiday! If you're in retail like me-hope it goes quickly for you!
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fashionismyh2o said...

Those are some awesome trousers, I dont think I'd have the confidence to pull them off - I have to force myself to wear bright colours :P but I think they look fabbo on you :) that bag story is awesome haha £27 for a Carrie bag that's a bargain if I ever I saw one!


Paint it Black said...

Loving those crazy printed pants and you styled them perfectly. I remember searching ebay years ago for one of those bags you did well I never did find one but I went for the other Carrie "it" bag the Fendi Baguette which I sold ages ago at a carboot sale.

I know what you mean about but cheeks hanging out such a bad bad look I cut my denims in a way where that does not happen xoxo

LittleRachael said...

Gorgeous trousers - very daring! Love the bag too.

Little Rachael
Little Rachael
Little Rachael

Anonymous said...

o i love these pants of yours! <3

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