All these things about me, you never can tell....

Hey y'all. Sorry this is another late post! I had to work alllllll day today; and then I met my lovely friend Kitty for an Italian themed dinner which was lovely. Above is what I was doing this weekend, Dot to Dot festival which I mentioned in my post yesterday. Below are some crap photo's of my new favourite band, The Joy Formidable. Check them out they're so cool, plus the lead singer is the newest in a long line of style crushes I have been formulating over the festival season. Better pics of her fabulousness at the bottom of the post. And not only that, she seems genuinley nice, super happy and had a cute Welsh accent to boot!

Yep, soz about my pics, they're pretty ropey....thanks camera phone!

Brogues....had to wear flatties to Dot to Dot because a) it rained and b) was on my feets all day!

I did my nails speshly. Wearing Tangerine Queen by Rimmel. Love this colour it looks so tropical, bright and punchy.

We went out for lunch and this was the ceiling of the place we went to. I had a yummy superfood salad which was really lush and nicely healthy which I have now undone the good work of by pigging out on garlic bread tonight. Yuuuuuuum!
Will be back tomorrow with an outfit or two, I hope!
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