Ikea and a bit of a breeze....

Ahh, Sundays: one of my favourite days of the week. Mainly because, there is no work, so it means I can hoof about doing what I like. Today, this involved driving Adrian to our local Ikea and buying some bits and pieces for the flat. We both really like vintage furniture and our style is very 'mix and match;' we have quite eclectic taste and I think this is reflected in our home decor. I don't especially like modern furniture, but Ikea is cheap and we have struggled a bit with storage in our new flat, so it has to be done. Today we bought a pretty dining table (basic and pine, under £30, but will look nice painted or stained) and we were going to get matching chairs but we decided to get really modern looking slick black ones which actually make the table look a lot edgier than you'd think it possible for a pine table to be. 

Adrian also got a really nice block unit to put all his records in, which is great because they have been stored in plastic tubs and bags since we moved in so now they have the pride of place they deserve. I am going to decorate the top of the unit with some kitsch china Rabbit ornaments I spotted in a chazzer last week for £1 a piece. I love stuff like this; the more disgusting, the better. We also have a fantastic peregrine falcon ornament and several cats in varying colours and poses. Maybe it's a reaction against not being allowed to keep pets in our flat!

I picked up a pale pink stool seat for under £3 which I will be using to recline on whilst I do my makeup at our vintage dressing table, I say 'our' but actually I have comadeered it somewhat. Poor Adrian didn't get a look in; as soon as I spied the mirror, that was it! I like the juxtaposition of the dark wooden, vintage dresser with my little pink stool next to it. I found a duck-egg blue bowl in the seconds department as well for just £1 which I will be using to store my jewellery in, and some wonderful fabric offcuts for £1 each; one of which I am going to turn into a wall hanging and the other I am going to make into a couple of cushion covers.

My outfit today is really relaxed, apart from the heels-I'll admit I had to change into flats to go trudging round Ikea; those trolleys are hard enough to control as it is! This is my very favourite Quiksilver Women's blouse which I have worn to bits; literally, it is falling apart. Has anyone any ideas on where I can find a replacement?

Blouse: Quiksilver Women  Chino's: Gap Gladiator Heels: Topshop Gladstone Bag: Vintage Earrings: Primark.
I love this bag, which Adrian spotted in one of our local stomping ground charity shops for £1.49. It's leather and it's so cute, it looks like it has a face and I love it!

Hope you're all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. I am working tomorrow so there's not much rest for me; however I do then have a week off work so I shouldn't complain really! 

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Haute-fly said...

Love the bag!

Great post,

Tegan said...

Your bag is so cute! :) These photos are lovely and summery xo

Carrie said...

I really love that bag!! I love things that look like they have faces! It makes the item that much more fun! :)

LittleRachael said...

You look beautiful in these pics! I adore the bag and shoes :-)

Little Rachael
Little Rachael
Little Rachael

Sara said...

i love this oufit and this kind of vintage bags too.

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