Anyone for Oatmeal?

It's a little known fact, but I LOVE porridge. Yum. I have it most mornings, either with (if I'm feeling good) a chopped banana in it, or (if I am feeling indulgent, which is most of the time) chicolate chips in. Yuuuum! Today I had blueberry flavour and put some jam it it. YUUUUUM! Anyway, yes, porridge. I love it. 
I actually also love the colour! As you can see in this combo. I love beige's and browns and creams and all those colours that sound so scrummy together. I love colour, but sometimes, a natural look can look fab.

This jumper is from Topman and it only cost £12. I always buy mens stuff, I love the fit. Adrian is an XS or S in Topman so sometimes I nick his clothes, but you can bet he'll nick back the boys stuff I buy for myself! I found this one lurking on the sale rail. It's quite lucky really cos the smaller sizes are the ones that normally get left behind!
And once again, I've got my legs out! haha! I found some 'Make Believe' self tan products in Boots today, they had a starter kit with 3 products in for just £3 so I thought I'd treat myself to see how they fare. I'll pop a review up when I've tried them out!
Jumper: Topman Blouse (just seen): Vintage Shorts: Whistles Boots: Topshop Satchel: Vintage Chanel Jewellery&Watch: Vintage except Feather Ring: ASOS

I am wearing a scoop neck vintage blouse underneath my jumper which is almost cut like a T shirt but in that wonderful crimplene fabric. I absolutely love vintage,as most of my followers will know, but I am finding it harder to come across here than where I used to live. All the charity shops have cottoned on to the fact that vintage is quite desireable, and priced it accordingly! No more £2 blouses for me it seems!

I think for the first time in almost 2 years, I am beginning to like my hair. I remember feeling so gutted when I first had it cut, and not wanting to put outfit posts on my blog because I hated it so much. It seemed to take ages to grow, and everywhere I looked, there were these celebs with amazing long glossy locks. My particular fave at the time was Fearne Cotton: how ironic now that my hair is starting to get longer, she's chopped hers off! I am always so out of kilter with hair trends. I had to buy another hairdryer yesterday (at great expense!) because my trusty Toni & Guy packed up-I think it had given me about 7 or 8 years service so I will let it have that one. So I now have a fancy new white Umberto Giannini styler with all sorts of bells and whistles on it. I love it, though I was hoping it would be quieter than my old one. It isn't-but at least it doesn't rattle, give off a burning smell, or only have 2 heat settings-the 'hot' setting packed up years ago and so I have been drying my hair on 'warm' since which takes a blimmin age. I dried it in about half the usual time it takes yesterday which I was really pleased about.

These boots again. I think they are going to be a staple, although 2 pairs from Spartoo are on their way so actually, I could be mistaken. Why do I buy boots in the summer!? I must be mad.

Just a note on my bracelet! I found this in a charity shop for £1.49, I love it. It's vintage costume jewellery and it has a really cool clasp which I'll try to photograph (read: get Adrian to photograph) next time I wear it. You can see where all the paint is peeling off the bigger pearls...I know, but I think this adds a bit of vintage appeal. I love vintage jewellery SO much more than modern pieces, though I do like those too; I am fickle about them though and can chuck them out or give them away, but vintage pieces stay in my jewellery box forever.
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Lemlina said...

Haha. I am a porridge addict too. Been known to eat it for at least 2 meals a day... dear oh dear! Anyway, just found your blog via Chictopia and thought I'd just say it's lovely :-)


famoody said...

Your hairs are better than celebs:P
I like rings with leaf, I have one too but smaller..Where did you buy one? ;)

Ebony Bolt said...


Unknown said...

Love the jumper! Can't believe it's from Topman! And those bracelets are such a good bargain :)

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