What an Honour!

I was completely overwhelmed to be featured on the Chictopia homepage yesterday! I love Chictopia, I often rate it on my blog and for those who don't know about it, it's basically like a social networking site for fashionistas-you can get inspiration and post your looks there for others to rate. I find it a lot less intimidating than Lookbook, which is another site in a similar vein, but I find Lookbook is more about incredible photography than outfitting and if you don't look like a runway model, people don't hype you! Well, thats just my experience of it anyway!
So yes! Check out Chictopia here if you want to get involved with it!
In other news! Sorry for my lack of a post yesterday-I had a really busy day all in and by the time I thought about writing my blog post, I was more than ready for bed. Sorry about that! Adrian is currently up in London recording an EP with his band so I also have no photographer on hand for a day or so-might have to reach for the trusty tripod! Though after the last couple months of him taking my photo's I don't know how I'll find that!
I'm enjoying a well earned week off work at the moment. I had to work across all the bank holidays so now I feel it's my turn for a rest!
I also want to congratulate my friend Emma who has got down to the final stages of the Student Glamour Awards in association with Zoo Magazine. Emma is not only a beautiful girl, she is an incredible artist and a complete sweetheart. If you'd like to see some pictures I'll aske her if I can put them up on here!
Have a lovely day!
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