Ah, Jeffrey Campbell. How you divide me. First, you provide every blogger in the blogosphere with the clumpiest, ugliest, chunkiest shoe in the history of chunky shoes, which, naturally, become a runaway hit. And now, you've done it again, only curvier.
I still don't think I'm sold on them-the Litas or these new Lanas. My dear friend Lina bought a pair of Litas and, I must admit, on her blog post I really liked them; she made them look quirky, elegant and chic. I fear the same shoes would make me look like Ronald McDonald-awkward, clompy and apt to fall over. There is just so much shoe here! They remind me of when a baby cow is born and it's hooves look too big for it's body, like it needs to grow into them or something, you know?
Mind you, every piece of feedback from people who have bought these shoes has been positive-apaz they're very comfy, well, they're almost a flatform with the wedge platform to chunky heel ratio.

 Image: Solestruck

Here, however is a pair I would wear: The Benched. Don't know if it's possible to walk in them mind-it would be like wearing a sculpture!
What's your take? Will you be taking Lita, Lana or neither out for a spin this summer?
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Anonymous said...

I agree they are the strangest looking shoes, but then i've seen loads of people wear them and they look really good! I definitely prefer your ones though, the colour is gorgeous :) xx

Unknown said...

They are some crazy shoes especially those last ones! How do you even wear them with that massive chunky missing?! Crazy..

Rhiannon xx

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