Who Wears Short (Leather Look) Shorts!?

...Well that would be me. I'm not conviced, especially with my paler than pale legs and cellulite but I have come to realise that nobody really notices these things; and that it is better to just wear what you like and not worry too much about what others might say. I don't mind if people don't like this because I think it takes a certain type of person to wear what are essentially laser-cut lederhosen, and  I have cheated because although I wore these all day, I didn't venture too far from the house, and to go out in the evening I changed into peg trousers (yawn) but hey! First baring of the pins of the season. Can't be bad in mid April, though I have a sneaking suspicion that this year is going to be a weather repeater of 2008/9, in which I do believe we had a stinking hot spring and then rain from May-September. Please, please weather fronts: prove me wrong!

So I tried to minimise the impact of the white legs by popping on my little Clarks boots, which only served to highlight that they are the colour I woul like my legs to be. But I think they look ok-they definitely play down the leatheriness of the shorts, which, coupled with a leopard jacket, could be trotting right on over into slutsville. I think I've safely kept them on the border though-it's like fashion maths, the only equation that can keep this look correct divides leopard and faux leather with a topknot and a man's tee. And clumpy boots. I imagine this is a variation on what I would wear if I were at Coachella, though perhaps I'd add in some fringing or feathers. For the UK though I think a slicker take is required.  

Blazer, Shorts, Necklace: River Island Top: Gap Mens Boots: Clarks Bag: Vintage Chanel

So yesterday I also decided, sort of at random, to 'ombre' my hair which I think is a posh way of saying 'dip dye the ends.' It's exactly as it sounds-I dunked the bottom 3 inches or so of my hair in some bleach (Jerome Russell, the stalwart staple of every teenage frosted-tip dream, not Mr Muscle or anything like that. Proper stuff)  and then wrapped it in a bit of tinfoil and left it to bake for 10 mins or so. It was completely simple, I just got Adrian to give me a shout 10 mins later, wiped a bit off to check the colour, and since my hair seems to take bleach really well, I'd got the colour I wanted so I rinsed it out. I will show you some pictures tomorrow if I can. I actually love it, I have shorter hair than most people who wear this trend but it actually works ok and in a wierd way makes my hair look longer. It did feel a bit crispy after so I put some intensive conditioner on it and today I've styled it and it actually looks quite cool. A little grungy, a little edgy, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to wear it up because it will look like I am wearing a fake blonde ponytail, but all in all=success.

I love the summer. Well, when the weather plays ball! 

Has anyone got any recommendations for fake tan? As you can see I need to get on it....

Have a wonderful day!
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Rosie Savage said...

I don't know if it's the sunshine on you, but your legs don't look pale at all!
Such a glorious outfit - personally loving the shorts teamed with the leopard print,

Rosie x

Karen said...

Those are the cutest shorts ever - I love the scalloped edges!!



eelectroCutee said...

I love the whole outfit.. especially your leopard jacket... I wanna steal it.. haaa
and your short is unique too.. :)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

so lovely. pale = beautiful. x hivenn

Rebecca said...

Great shorts! x
Can't wait to see your hair ♥ x

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Ginger Ecstasy

Paint it Black said...

Gorgeous outfit I see you are wearing some of your River Island steals those shorts look awesome on you cant wait to see your hair xoxo

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog thanks to a link from Clarks on Facebook! I love it; I'm not usually a big fan of fashion blogs but I like yours, it's fresh and funky, and I like to budget angle! Looking forward to reading some more!

Lauren Ellingham said...

Extremely cute outfit. Although, even leather look leather must get hot in these past few days weather? xo

Mulika Harnett said...

Absolutely adore this outfit! And you are not really that pale now are you ;)

Congrats on the feature on Lauren's blog x


Anonymous said...

I dig your look, a lot

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