251....and things I'm loving....

Sorry! This is quite a picture heavy post; but with the weather being what it is (dull, grey, rainy) and my photographer out snapping Peregrine Falcons (Adrian is getting his Bird Nerd on today, bless him) an outfit post was out of the question and anyway, I thought I'd share some pics I've been meaning to post for a little while. Also want to say hi to my new followers...I've hit the 250 mark, whoopee!!!
I can't wait for summer and long, hot, lazy days. I know we've had a little taster with the gorgeous weather last week but I want MORE!! I am excited to start planning more summery outfits and get out of trousers! But for now, flowers, ladybirds, short sleeved blouses, lie-ins, eclectic jewelery and pretty colours (on toenails and beauty products will have to suffice....!

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Anonymous said...

ooh, clinique is gorgeous ;) <3

erleppard said...

your post has made me want summer so bad! I'm craving it!
and im in love with your leaf ring! love your blog going to follow!

Paint it Black said...

I am longing for summer days too. I actually went bared legged at work today no outfit post though as I had no time to take pics.

Love the pictures btw. About the leather shorts I rolled them up then belted them xoxo

Lanya said...

ahhh your necklace & shatter nails are amazing :) Barry M nailpolish ? ! i came across ur blog the other day iv not long began my own & yours is really cute do u have any tips i dont know where to begin ! !? XX

Princess and the pea x said...

Lovely post chicken, congratulations on reaching the 250 mark.

Have a lovely day xoxo

Unknown said...

loving all the pics xxxxx

Unknown said...

I too am dying for summer. Living in Massachusetts, winter began roughly at the end of October, and it's still going. (Today is going to be fifty degrees. This is a godsend.) I keep buying dresses and stashing them away for once it's warm enough!

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