251....and things I'm loving....

Sorry! This is quite a picture heavy post; but with the weather being what it is (dull, grey, rainy) and my photographer out snapping Peregrine Falcons (Adrian is getting his Bird Nerd on today, bless him) an outfit post was out of the question and anyway, I thought I'd share some pics I've been meaning to post for a little while. Also want to say hi to my new followers...I've hit the 250 mark, whoopee!!!
I can't wait for summer and long, hot, lazy days. I know we've had a little taster with the gorgeous weather last week but I want MORE!! I am excited to start planning more summery outfits and get out of trousers! But for now, flowers, ladybirds, short sleeved blouses, lie-ins, eclectic jewelery and pretty colours (on toenails and beauty products will have to suffice....!

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