Yull shoes: Product review

I mentioned in my post earlier that the much anticipated 'Yull' shoe boutique website had gone LIVE today! Wanna shop it? Click here
I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of fabulous Yull shoes before anyone else, so I had to share them with you!
These are the gorgeous 'Cornbury' shoes from Yull. As you can see, they come packed in a glossy pink box, which, in turn, comes in a pink polybag...I only didn't take a picture of it because the postie had written all over it!
Inside the box, along with the shoes of course,comes a little card explaining a little about the history of the shoes, along with a handy eco-bag with the brand logo on!
I love the little quirks that these shoes have...along with the eco-bag and the little card inside, each shoe has a Union Jack on the sole! Quintessential Britishness!
The first thing that hits you when you open the box is th smell of the leather! It smells amazing and is so soft and supple.
I love the punchy colours as well, it's so lovely to find a classically shaped shoe with a twist like that, the shape is the perfect court shoe shape but the colours are incredibly rich and unlike anything else I've seen on the high street, it's hard to get a bright shoe to look good without looking too 'tacky' I think, but Yull has achieved it!
Can't wait to start wearing them, I'm sure you'll be seeing them in loads of outfit posts as a perfect starting point for the colourblocking trend!
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Hailie said...

Wow, I want them soooo bad! I've tagged your last post on the brand so I could go back to it come pay day...these shoes are A-mazing!

amie k said...

I know-aren't they fantastic! xoxo

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