Cape Flats...

Ok, I am aware that I am obsessing over this cape. It's just the perfect everything: colour, shape, style, warmth...I am wearing it and working it with everything at the moment!

Cape: ASOS Scarf, Bag: Primark Feather Ring: ASOS Trousers: Gap Boots: Clarks

I am sporting a whole host of newbie wardrobe additions today (bad!) This satchel is my new pride and's very on trend, being quite mini and all, plus I think it is a super lookalike to the Mulberry Alexa, which never in a month of Sundays could I ever hope of owning. This one is a Primark special which cost £7, and I got a matching wallet too. Which is a little bit Miss Obsess but I won't use them both at once!

Also, attention must be paid to something south of my ankle....yes, despite being broke I have managed to score a pair of Acne-alikes on the high street, from that most traditional of brands...Clarks! I always wrote off Clarks as being a little bit too keen on the geriatric, you know, frumpy, yet comfy footwear styles. Who'd have thought I'd find the boot shape of the season lurking behind their doors?! I love the simplicity of the boot, the colour and the fact that they are actually completely comfortable! I am wearing them with trousers now and will wear them with skirts and cut-offs in the summer for a more boho vibe.

The scarf is also a new purchase, I like the Marc Jacobs-esque giraffe print. Purple is not a colour I would normally choose but I actually quite like the wearability of this colour so far, it sits quite well with camel, cream, tan and black. 

I feel very sad today about everything that's happening in Japan and very grateful for all I have. Watching the Chelsea football match on TV, they held a minutes silence for Japan and some dispicable people heckled partway through it, until a supporter shouted at them to shut up. It saddens me to think there are people in this world who care so little about the welfare of others and aren't willing to stand together to help others in need. It makes me feel disgusted and angry. I am looking into the Bloggers Silence for Japan event which takes place on Friday and I will come back with my findings. I'd like to take part because even if we can do something small, it will make a difference.

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fashionismyh2o said...

That is a gorgeous cape! I can see why you're obsessed ha-ha. Also wow - well done on the bargains :) great outfit!

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