Waiting for the Sunshine....

I have had a really busy day today, despite it being my day off work, I always find this is the way! I cleaned the house and then had to go to the post office, typical boring daily things but they have to be done! I feel really mean as well as I have kindly passed my cold on to Adrian. So just as I am starting to feel better, he is feeling worse! Nice of me isn't it!

I bought this puffa tote in the Gap sale and it was £4.99! What I liked about it was the fact that it reminded me of the Chanel version that Lily Allen was always papped with, which I'd love but could never afford. It's really handy actually because I can sling everything in it and there's always room to spare. I am one of those people who carried everything except the kitchen sink in their bag, so a bigger one is always better-if I use a small one I end up carrying a cotton tote as well to decant excess stuff into! 

I bought my weekly copy of Grazia today and was surprised and pleased to see myself in it! Nothing major-just a comment I made on their 'Style Hunter' section was published in the mag. But it made me smile!

Cape: ASOS White Blouse (rapidly disintegrating): Quiksilver Women Cigarette Pants: Gap Studded Pumps: Primark Hand Harness: ASOS Scarf: Vintage

This outfit is what I would call a spring day's shopping outfit: Flats for starters (I never wear flats except if I am ill, because I haven't got the energy to wear heels! But I love these ones so much!) plus layers because I always get too hot when I'm shopping, and then too cold when I come out of the shops!
My cream blouse is Quiksilver Women which is a brand I love, unfortch I have worn it so much it is falling apart. If anyone knows where I can find QSW backstock (I've already scoped out eBay) can you let me know please!
Hope you've had a lovely day! A mix of sunshine and showers here in the South West-more sunshine please!
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Anonymous said...

aaw this is a lovely outfit :)
i was just wondering, it's fine if you are but when you said you were following me, are you following privately? sorry, i just couldn't see you!


amie k said...

Hi Ellie!

I am definitely following you, I thought I had done it publicly but I'll just double check to make sure! I love your blog don't want to miss out!


helen turnbull said...

this is lussssh.

Helen, X

Emma Louise Long said...

I Love, love love love love that cape. I'm a bit obsessed with capes at the moment, I just bought two oops.


Danni said...

aah yay for being in grazia! hehe x

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