Suited and Booted....

 Sometimes, I think it's nice to smarten up. I love to wear slouchy harems, boy's tee shirts, kicky little boots and the like, but every now and again, I like to look a bit more slick. It's a rarity-I had to wear uniform to school so I have an inherent dislike of fitted blazers (except this one-ha!) and I also spent a year working in an office environment so I used to dress quite smartly there. However I think the less I dress smartly, the more I crave to do so! So it's nice to go there from time to time.
 I found these shoes in Sainsburys, which cost the grand price of £3.60. i.e, my kind of price! I thought they looked a little like the Isabel Marant kitten heels that were so popular last for SS10, yes I know that trend has passed but I am going to recycle it because I think these are a) cute and b) they are actually pretty comfortable although it does feel like you're walking on a pair of pencil stubs! Maybe something to get used to!
I am not posing with my was actually raining! Adrian is so good he risked his camera's health to take pics bless him. His camera is soooo much better than mine, I keep making him take my picture so that I don't have to faff with a tripod and I get a much better result!I am mainly wearing work uniform here-it's hard sometimes wherever you work if you have to wear the same sort of thing day in, day out, my day-off outfits are always a bit more creative I think. But I do try and put a little of my own style into my workwear in my own way.
 Jacket, Blouse, Trousers: Gap Shoes: Sainsburys Belt: Zara Brolly, Ring: Primark
Hope you've had a good day; I am still in the grip of this horrible cold, I am really hoping it will shove off and SOON! If you're after something to do this evening, I suggest you head over to my latest blog find, which way to wonderland? and enter the lovely giveaway there!
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Anonymous said...

you have such a lovely blog!
i'm following back ;)
LOVE your trousers! xx

julianne. said...

you are TOO gorgeous my dear.
i just love everything about this outfit.
it is just darrrlinggg.<3

vivalablonda said...

I love itttttttttt! I think is perfect in combines the best of both world smarty and chic! and the umbrella is great too =)


Unknown said...

Hi Amie! :)
I follow you, because your style is great, and this outfit is gorgeous too!
I adore your cute umbrella! :)

xoxo, Dominika

L L said...

Super cute umbrella and great pants.


Paige Rhianne said...

You have a lovely blog here!
I love those chinos love how you've styled them im going to follow

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